Friday, January 22, 2010

Introducing Gurren Lagann to my Son

I had not watch Gurren Lagann in a while and wanted to get back into it all over again. Now I was not certain if I should have my 8 year old son watch it due to the "bad" words and sexual overtones. He was watching Dragon Half at 5 years old and that had nudity - LOL, so I decided, what the hell and invited him over to watch. We do however reinforce the fact that the bad words are NOT to be said.

He had a blast with good olde Dad and now wants to watch it all the way through. Each night now, we are watching a couple episodes. We are into volume 2 now and he got to see the episode with the Bath House. Needless to say in one of the scenes where Kamina is trying to find a hole so he can see the girls is hilarious. Poor Gimmy is looking for a hole and ends up poking Simon in the ass. Here are the scenes below as they do get a bit "into" it - LMAO!

A Hole

Inside the hole?!?!

Simon Air Born
The poor kid could not stop laughing, especially when Kamina wanted Gimmy to poke him as well so he could see over the wall. I know that this is actually a prank that young kids in Japan play on people. Not sure hoiw this one came to be, but I guess similar to a wedgie here.

I told him I had the drill key and he wants it for himself now. Well, I have to actually find it in one of my many boxes and let him play with it. It is the one that has a on/off switch as it glows green (came with the limited edition set). He now knows the name of Boota as I have a stuffed one on my closet door in the office.

Does anyone have kids or loved one that they share their love of Anime with? What shows do you watch with them?


  1. I do not force anyone close to me to watch anime with me. Watching anime, reading manga and talking about them has become a lifestyle to me and I can't force a lifestyle onto others. They do however aware of my tardness and some of them are indeed catching on.

  2. By no means was he forced to watch this. I let he sit with me and if he is interested, then he stays, otherwise, it is off to his room to watch Cartoon Network. I do not have that many people over, so it is usually just my family that watches.

    Now that I am in Rural MD, I need to see if there any like minded people around.

  3. I watch anime with my bf, it's both a great thing and a pain. It's great because jokes are funnier when 2 are laughing. It's bad because he only likes certain genres, and I like a lot more. So when he leaves the house that's when I get complete control over the TV and watch the other shows I really want to see.


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