Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quick Look: Aquarion EVOL

Wanted to give you a Quick Look at a new anime this season ~ Aquarion EVOL.

I really enjoyed the first Aquarion and have the anime in my collection to prove it. I just wish I had the cash for the Bandai DX Chogokin Genesis of Aquarion that transforms as well. Saw this jumped several hundred dollars sine the last time I looked.

No sense in repeating an existing plot summary. With that said, here is the one I pulled from Wikipedia:

12.000 years after the events of the original series, mankind is threatened by a new enemy from other dimension labeled "Abductors", who just like the Shadow Angels, invade the human cities to kidnap its inhabitants. To counter the invasion, the DEAVA organization establish two teams, one composed of only males and other by just females each one piloting its own giant machines called "Aquaria". To protect his new friend Mikono, teenager Amata Sora unlocks the powers he kept at bay his entire life and by combining males and females into one single robot, the legendary giant Aquarion is reborn once more.


Mecha - Mecha and more Mecha. Just how I want it to be be. They kept the vehicle designs similar as well as Aquarion changing. The final product however, is a bit different. You have the people grabbing 'Abductors' which remind you of something from 'War of the Worlds', but not bad.

I feel the best scene so far is the one where Amata created Aquarion by breaking the 'Chastity Belts' that the vehicles have installed. He breaks them to the astonishment of the others - so funny - 'he said the word (Aquarion) that cannot be said and formed a 'perfect' union - oh the calamity.

Nothing says fun like sexual tension in an anime. Due to the schools setup and how the kids are, this will be full of some interesting events to come. I loved the corny lines that we used when they first joined. I felt so 'dirty' watching it - LOL


12,000 years into the future and this city looks like any European countries city. Even the film canisters haven't advanced - film in cans - come on. Their City defenses are turret cannons as well. OMFG - did all the technological part of society disappear. Oh, wait, the school is heavily technological.

Speaking of that school for the 'Elementals', do the boys and girls have to be separated this far into the future. Kind of old world thinking and silly if you ask me. They even have a freaking HUGE wall to separate the boys from the girls at the school. Even when they battle in the Aquaria, the 'Unions' are only by sex as well. Are we so damn hung up on keeping people apart by sexes to make a more perfect school and learning environment?

One other thing, what is that rabbit-head looking animal that lives in Minoko's hair? Oh, what, it is a cat - A FREAKING CAT!!!!! She also named it 'Shush' too. No technological advancement in society, but mutated pets are fine.

Overall Rating: B - why separate the kids by gender???

I will watch this as I really do like the mecha and it looks to be fun. The kids crossing over into a mixed machine in itself a wild ride. We all know how it should end, so lets see if the premonition is true or just a possible future.

Offical Website - in Japanese, so get our translator out

Preview Video

Is this on your watch list this season?


  1. From the trailer it seems pretty awesome. Reminds me of Macross Frontier. Just that the fight scenes appears too CGI for me.

  2. LOL - never thought about the CGI for once while watching it, but I think you could be right


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