Friday, March 19, 2010

ComicGum Ikki Tousen Great Guardians: Dragon

I decided to really do a job on the figure post for my ComicGum Trading figure set of Ikki Tousen Great Guardians. I will be doing one of the figures each week with the final one being the full set all together. I wanted you to get a real good look at all the parts of the immense diorama.

I will start with the "non-female" figure (as far as I can tell), the Great Guardian Dragon!

4 Full Views

Random Views and Angles

I have your Dragon Ball right here Bitch!

On Sale at Toylet for $54.99


  1. A review i was waiting impatiently especially to see the dragon :) And i'm not disappointed. It's very well worked. Personally i would expose it without ikki's girls. LoooL

  2. I'm curious to see this set closer up.

  3. this one has nothing when it is up against the dragon from dragon ball XD

  4. Hee! Hee! I will prefer ladies with some dragons!

  5. @ Lylibellule - sorry for taking so long :( taking shots of all the figures took most of the morning.

    @ lovelyduckie - check back each Friday as one will be showcased, then the full set after all done

    @kluxorious - LOL, yea I know, but I thought it was funny :D

    @ Dennis aka Katsuden - coming soon - check back on Friday

  6. Very nice dragon guardian pics!!!!!!! The details on the figure look very realistic.

  7. @ANdrew L. Budny - I have been working on the other figure photos for the rest of the series.

  8. Wait, what? The ikkitousen dragon? How does that work? no bewbs at all?
    Well, I suppose it's fine when complemented with the others...
    Photo 12 almost looks like a troll face :/

  9. @Ningyo ~ don't worry, the girls will be coming to you each Friday until they are all done - should be some pantsu shots as well - heeheehee

  10. I remember seeing the dragon in another shot from your Ikki Tousen set. It's very impressive looking.
    Its eyes are kind of weird though.


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