Thursday, March 04, 2010

Late February Goodies

This past weekend, we were out and I wanted to check out Ollie's Bargain Outlet. As we need to save money at every corner, I wanted to see if they had some stuff we could use at home. I was surprised to see Manga actually for sale in the book section.

I picked up the first volumes of -Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei and Yokai Doctor.

I have been looking at getting both of these, but never dropped the cash down. Since they only cost $2.99 each, I decided to get them. They had some later volumes of Air Gear, but held off on that. I will have to go back later to actually dig more to see if I can find more.

I have wanted Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei for a while as I liked the premise. You never really see a story start out with the main character (Nozomu Itoshiki) trying to hang themselves. The whole "Oh woe is me" factor is a nice seperation for me as well. You usually do not see Manga that has such a negative aspect as the main focus.

Yokai Doctor was something I saw advertised a while back. I am fascinated by the Yokai creatures and even picked up a pocket guide about them. Since we usually see characters trying to exorcise them, here is another Manga that goes the other direction. I am intrigued by the way the main character (Kotoko) is helping the Yokai with a side humor of him loving "boobs". I see that he may not be what he seems in reading this, so I am looking forward to the next volume to see if they dive more into that.

Has anyone been able to get some new Manga at any discounters around their area?

SIDE NOTE: I need to get some reviews up on Outlaw Star Anime I just finished as well as some Manga (Soul Eater & Cat Paradise to name a few). I will be working on doing a photo shoot for my Comicgum Ikki Tousen Great Guardians Trading Figure and the 2 figures (Maia Mizuki & Rena Honjo) that I got from my Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Collector Box. I have some teaser shots below for now.


  1. For such a price clearly you couldn't deprive yourself :) I know Sayonara Zetsubou since i saw the anime. I guess the manga must be quite the same.
    As for your other buy, i didn't know about it. It must be nice to read.

    The ikki display is very impressive! o^0 Me who love dragons, i think it's magnificent. <3

  2. Ah, SZS ^^. I liked the anime, at least the first series. Haven't had a chance to watch much of the second one yet.

  3. Wow! give me more pics of Comicgum Ikki Tousen Great Guardians Trading Figure would you?

  4. @ anonymous - I have to catch the anime as well. I have heard good things about it.

    @ Lylibellule & Dennis - It may take me a couple weeks, but I will get some shots up of the Ikki Tousen Great Guardians Figures. I am planning to try to do a shoot on all of them individually, then as a group. It will take some time, but should be worth it.

  5. A used Bookstore opened up near me. I went in and bought some manga from them. Just a few stray volumes of Inuyasha for $1.25 each. They also had lots of anime DVDs of Saikano, Flame of Recca, and Cardcaptor Sakura.

  6. Interesting, I been wanting to read Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei but my local library doesen't have it!!!!!!! I guess I will have to try school, Borders or Barnes and Nobel when I get some time!!!!!!

  7. Wow. That Ikkitousen trading figure set looks super sexy. Did they come with the dragons?


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