Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Nekomimi - better known as "Cat Girls"

When have you watched an Anime, read a Manga or played a game and seen a woman with cat ears and/or a tail? I am sure you have had to cross this in one form or another as they are spread throughout them all. I remember seeing a plethora of them in an episode of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie.

I decided to give it a bit of digging and found that this is actually called Nekomimi or Cat Girl. It pretty much describes any girl that has cat ears, cat tail or other features that would be on a human body. They usually also make the cute hand/paw movements and say "mew, mew" when they talk. In the Anime, you see their ears move when they hear something too. Here is a list composed by Wiki on cat girls (and cat boys) and seems quite detailed, but I am sure it needs updating.

This seems to be a wild fetish that I am sure interests several people (me included). I think it adds a bit of cuteness to them as well. I have seen it where a favorite character has been done up as a Nekomimi in a series. I am sure they are doing this to get ratings and to fill a niche. I have also noticed them used around "moeish" characters as well to get on that band wagon as well.

What are your thoughts on using Nekomimi's in series?

Here are some pics I found of these lovely anthromorphic figures from various medias. I just hope that they do not spray when they go into heat or else, off to the Vet to get fixed.

Pic Source: Sankaku Complex


  1. Ah, nekomimi. Now a classic anime theme but I still am not tired of it. It's just simple and easy way to make just about any character a little bit cuter xD

  2. Nekomimi should be useful for anime like Street Fighter. Sexy and yet deadly with the instinct of cat. Hee! Hee!

  3. Oh I love sexy kitties lol :D It does make the girl cuter in a way ^^

    I love that Felicia picture from darkstalkers...hot...

  4. That's definitely hot bro ;D Make sure you don't get too graphic w/the pics or else you might get flagged and taken off of blogspot's directory which equals much less views. Trust me, I know -_-''

    But yeah, Felicia's NICE. However...when thinking about sucking on those bad boys...I think the hair (or fur) would ultimately get in the way :( and I doubt she'd be a fan of having her nipples shaved :(

  5. @anonymous_object - you are right about making it more cutier

    @Dennis aka Katsuden - You shoudl check out Outlaw Star, Aisha Clanclan. There is a good fight scene with her fully transformed

    @chubbybots - couldn't forget her

    @FaS - I tried to keep that in mind when I posted some of these. I tried for no full nudity. LOL - Hairy Nipples

  6. Those nekomimi figures are lovely. I usually really like nekomimis; they're cute. ^ ^

  7. I am a huge fan of nekomimi stuff. My favorite character would be azu-nyan from k-on!
    She is just too cute ^^;

  8. @Yi - the whole hand pose and saying mew is killer cute

    @Nakei - I had to put that one shot in the beginning as it had the classic hand pose

  9. To add cat hears to a character is indeed a good way to make him cuter.... and i admit i would be more tempted for instance to buy a figure with cat hears as a supplement from the normal character. I completely fell for nekomimi. :D
    Btw i pre-ordered 2 neko from tony taka without hesitation even with a price so high. LooooL

  10. hentai pelas riikas q son wn ojala fueran reales esos dibujos wn xd

  11. Whoa! These cat girls are daring just like me just joking :P

    I agree that girls in character looks sexier. Just like now, Girl Gamers are now a trending topic.

  12. I don't think it counts as a FETISH since it REALLY doesn't work on actual people in costumes. It only looks good on anime characters. Unless you think it does look good on actual people. Or you're into hentai. Or the really seriously creepy anthropomorphic things that make my skin crawl (google "chakat"). Then it's a fetish. Then I'll say "stay away from me! I've got a stick! If you come any closer I'll poke you with it, I swear!"


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