Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall 2010 Anime Lineup from Japan

I usually don't do these type of posts as everyone does them, but what the hell.

The Fall 2010 Anime lineup is out in Japan. I really wish we had something this cool in the US and not the normal re-runs of TMNT. The only cool shows on Saturday are Bakugan and Beyblade right now that my son is all into as well.

I guess I will start of with my Have To Watch list for this season.

Hyakka Ryouran / Samurai Girls ~ I want to watch this as I have hear some good stuff about it. It also seems to be a game that has been noted to be similar to Queen's Blade, but a different as well. I am actually doing some research on this and hope to have a couple posts about it soon. The figures are also quite nice and may have to make an investment.

Soro no Otoshimono ~ This is a must as I watched the first season and still can't get the "Flying Pantsu" out of my head - LMFAO!

Super Robot Taisen - The Inspector ~ I actually missed the first season and will need to catchup. I love Mecha, so this makes it a esay pick for me.

My Son's list: 
Pokemon - Best Wishes ~ he loves Pokemon and I will have to get the link setup on his laptop.

Here is my If I Have The Damn Time List:

Star Driver Radiant Takuto ~ Looks interesting and love the Mecha design in this.

Bakuman ~ I have been reading the Manga and seems like a cool pairing with Moritaka and  Akito. Plus the love interest keep it moving.

My Son's list:
Battle Spirits ~Just because it is another card game where stuff comes alive.

Do you have any plans on watching anything this fall?

Source: ChartFag


  1. The ony one that I have interest from this list is:
    SRW - The Inspectors

    Aya is lovely, there. ^^b

  2. Kind of a lot that are suitable for your junior. I bet your son would be pleased.

  3. Nothing has really caught my eye this season but I might check out whats on ur picks. I often pick and choose based on what I read from the blogs.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ he is already excited about seeing the new Pokemon show. May see if he wants to see the others

    @Seantaku ~ sounds like a good plan to get some good info before making a choice

  5. I'm definitely watching ToLoveRu Motto, Sora No Otoshimono 2, Index 2 and Hyakka Ryouran. I'll probably take a look at some of the others as well but that's all that really interests me at the moment. Glad to see some sequels to shows I liked :)

  6. I am definitely going to be watching Bakuman but that may be it for the moment.

  7. Hyakka Ryouran is also something I'm looking forward to as well, and will most likely watch. Other than that, I'm not too sure what I'd be watching other than sequels.

  8. @Persocom ~ I was surprised to see Soro no Otoshimono extended

    @Andrew L. Budny ~ I am reading the Manga and am enjoying it and hope to catch the series as time permits

    @Yi ~ seems a lot of us are interested in Hyakka Ryouran - it has a lot to live up to now

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