Monday, August 30, 2010

New Japanese Craze Hits America . . .

. . .  ERASERS????

I was walking in a mall in Frederick,MD and saw a sign on a Hallmark Store. It read "NEW Japanese Erasers For Sale". Now I had to check it out to see what was up.

They had boxes and shelves full of them. They had animals and vehicles, all in different colors and shapes. My son ended up getting a Blue Dolphin. The lady behind the counter told us they were fun to collect because the animal heads would come off so we could mix and match them - what a demented mind she had! I didn't think much of it until we went to a A.C.Moore (an arts & craft store) and found them there as well - it was an invasion!

Since they are made in Japan, they got the name "Japanese Erasers". I have only really seen these in specialty shops, but was quite surprised to see these in main stream shops. They have been around for a while and now seem to be a new trend here I suppose. They are reported to be quite safe and kids love to collect them. I think my son paid $1.29 for his.

I forgot to take a damn picture of these, so here are some shots I found over at Iwako USA some of the items.

Have you found these little bundles of rubber joy in your area yet?


  1. My work sells creative sorts of erasers, we've had them for a little while now and they sell like hotcakes. They definitely remind me of the Japanese ones, though they're an American brand. It seems like kids really get into them... and I can't blame them. I remember I loved cute erasers when I was younger, though back then they were just white with something printed on them, and when you used them the ink got all over the place. ^^;

    I've been thinking about picking up a few sets here and there to use while I take pictures of my nendoroids and figmas. I think they'd be a rather cute little addition.

  2. Ah what we have here locally are small food like burger, fries and ice cream shaped erasers :) They are perfect for my nendo collection ^^

    I have yet to seen the animal versions here though! These look damn adorable plus they are easy on the wallet!

  3. lol that an interesting new "craze" Japanese erasers!

    I haven't seen any around here but I'll keep my eye out.

  4. "Gotta Catch 'em All"

    As a kid when I got a neat looking eraser I never ended up using it. I just saved it in my desk. If I got an eraser like the ones you put in your post I definitely would have saved it. I like the pigs best.

  5. I have seen these eraser ard for a long time in Singapore. Some even come in the form of yummy looking cakes and donuts. Going back to eraser is rather retro. Lol...

  6. @ishokuosero ~ I have seen them in sets before, but never at any of these type stores. I have one nendoroid, so maybe something to look at.

    @chubbybots ~ I have only seen the animals and vehicles, no food as yet - kind of weird

    @Seantaku ~ just you wait, I am sure you will see them soon

    @lovelyduckie ~ don't even go there, don't need to spend $$ with my son wanting every color under the son - lol

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I may have to get some myself if I can find Sushi ones to add to my O-No Sushi figure

  7. I seen these at Michaels a few weeks ago. They look really cool!!!!!


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