Monday, September 13, 2010

Cosplay Friday, still time to vote

I only have a couple of days until Cosplay Friday. We only have a hand full of vote so far. If you are only dropping by to look, then please take a minute to vote. No need to drop a comment (but would be nice) as I just need some more people to vote.

Please look to the right of my Blog for "Next theme I should pick from for Cosplay Day?" voting area right under "Who am I ?" near the top of my blog.

Right now (as I write this) we have a close race on our hands. We have tied characters in both 1st and 2nd place. Your vote could be the one that takes you favorite Cosplay Theme to the top of the list.

I am surprised that more have not voted for Dead or Alive or Street Fighter as there has been some damn sexy cosplay on those characters.

Here who is tied for 1st place: Neon Genesis Evangelion & Vocaloid

Here who is tied for 2nd place: Queen's Blade & Final Fantasy

Vote soon and make sure all your friends know to drop by to vote. Once the voting is over, I will take down the results so as no one will know the final tally (I hope I do that in time). I want everyone to be surprised by the final results


  1. Umm... You can't ask people to vote for something without at least telling them WHERE they can vote. ;)

  2. I update that in the blog - thanks for correcting my little missed info there. that could be helpful :)

  3. @ Dennis aka Katsuden ~ thaks for the vote and she was the winner this time around :)


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