Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day

I am happily enjoying a day off from work. Today it Labor Day in the US and a National Holiday enjoyed by many.

Not that type of labor, but the type where you work, sheesh, what were you thinking?

"The first Labor Day in the United States was observed on September 5, 1882 in New York City, by the Central Labor Union of New York, the nation's first integrated major trade union." (Wiki). It became a national holiday later in 1884 after the big Pullman Strike where several Laborers lost their lives. It was originally a day for those that labored hard at work.

It has now become more of a symbol of the end of Summer vacation and the return to school. I remember starting school the day after Labor Day. Not sure about the school thing any more as my son started in mid-August. It is still considered the last 3 day weekend and massive parties and store sales show up. To me it does mean the Summer is over and Fall will soon be upon us. We used to head for the Beach and enjoy the last few days of freedom.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable day no matter where in the world you are!


  1. Labour Day in Singapore is 1st May and it's public holiday for us too! The good thing abt gg back to school is you will get to see your friends again. Hee! Hee!

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ it is could you have the same holiday there, just on a different day.


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