Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yamato Tandem Twin: Leopard Girl Cleo

I have had this for a while now and never got a post up about her. This was my first Nekomimi figure I owned. It took some time, but I actually got the optional Nude Torso for her as well.

Sorry, will have to wait for that post later :(

I have to say that Yamato does a damn good job on these figures (as well with all their figures). I still need to get her sisters Momo & Schell, but had to have Cleo as I love the black latex outfit. While reviewing the pictures, I noted a small flaw on her face. There is a white speck to the right of her mouth - make me want to go - hummmmm.  I also have the 2 dog types named Alma and Annerose. I will have to post them as well in the coming weeks.

These are not short figures and tower over many of my other figures at over 10 inches. If you love Sexy Anthropomorphic Girls, then these are a must to be in your collection. Most of these either come with or have side parts that will show case the figures BOOBIES in all their glory. I love saying boobies, boobies, boobies . . . sorry, got a bit out hand there.

Lets got on to the show :

4 Revolving Poses

Random Loveliness

Infamous Pantsu Shot

BTW: Check out tomorrows blog for a Cleo Cosplayer!


  1. This is a hot looking figurine. Won't it melt under the sun. :P

  2. @LEon ~ she fell a couple times, but blew off the dirt and grass

  3. That's a sexy catwoman that could beat down hello kitty anytime. Nice statue with pics taken outdoor.

  4. How much does this kind of figure collection cost?

  5. @ Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I am trying to get outside more for my figure shots

    @Cosplayer Mimay ~ I got her years ago, but I think you can get her or her sisters for around $60 - 80 USD


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