Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anti-Lolita Bill 156 PASSED - WTF!

It was a sad day this week when the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's General Affairs Committee passed Bill 156. I did a quick little writeup on it Sunday > Anime and Manga at risk in Tokyo. For the gory details, check out Japanator (part 1 & part 2), who did a great writeup about the whole thing and no reason for me to repeat it here.

Semi-Good New ~ only affects Tokyo

What really amazes me is this is coming from a county that shows full blown nudity and sexual acts on the TV - yes the TV screen. I wonder if the right wing nut jobs from here in the US brain washed them or something. Check out Sankaku Complex for some screen shots (NSFW stuff).

Interesting News Video

I am worried about my Harem & Lolita Manga's that I love reading (Ninja Girls, Rosario + Vampire and Dance in the Vampire Bund). Not to mention Queen's Blade and Hyakka Ryouran Animes. OMFG ~ I lost my Boobies - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :_(

We all have to admit however that the publishers and directors have gotten a bit out of hand (ie Panty and Stocking as well as Seikon no Qwaser). No hold bars on this stuff, so I guess they may of done this to themselves. If you have to ask, check out the anime's for yourself.

Hell with them and I am going to protest this whole thing here by offering you some lovely artwork to get the "creative" juices flowing:



  1. So it has passed the Final Assembly and has now become law?

    While I have not really preferred the way anime trends have headed into recently (due to personal tastes), restricting things outright will have undesirable consequences. Like video games, anime seems to be targeted as scapegoats for things pretty often, and assuming most politicians have no actual interest in this subject itself other than knowing the 'harmful material' they may 'potentially' have, it's a fairly one-sided battle. Having a keen interest on the ACG world can be feeled as 'nerdy' or other unfavourable labels from outsiders (discrimination).

    Is it completely over? Hard to say. There are always room for challenging the law in the future for those in Japan right now, but it won't be easy one way or the other before it really is too late IMHO.

  2. Heard of this ban reading on Sankaku Complex. It's definitely a bad hit to most manga and Hentai industries. life will be boring without some explicit! Try but they can never change the human nature.

  3. It's not so bad. Watch this interview with Danny Choo and you'll calm down.

    The interview starts at around 27 minutes

  4. @Q ~ I had hoped this get a little more review before it passed. It is still getting a large talk about on blogs and I just think they jumped the gun.

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ Humans are a fickle bunch

    @Anonymous ~ Great vid and really breaks it down more for everyone. It is hard to keep things in perspective being outside the country.

  5. I love how the first image is giving Bill 156 a middle finger. ^ ^


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