Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Road Music and iPod

The cool thing that came with my car was its ability to link into an iPod. I ordered a cable off of Amazon for about $19.99 plus shipping. Was much cheaper than the $39.95 my dealer wanted.

I purchased from x-pert-s out of Canada and it arrived fairly fast. I immediately went running for joy to the car with my 5th Gen iPod. Got in, started it up, plugged her in and . . . . music played. But I had no control over what was playing at all. Cars console only show some generic ID for the song and my iPod kept saying wait. I couldn't maneuver via the car's console nor on my iPod.

WTF was this shit, I felt screwed as hell. I tried my wife's iPhone 3G and it only said "Connected", but at least you could use the phone to pick the songs and playlists. Figures my luck to try an off brand and out $$.

I went to my dealer to see how their's worked (not letting them know the screw up I did). I plugged in my iPod and it actually worked somewhat. I could not control it via the console, but I had full access to my iPods menu and could get to a playlists. I later tried my wifes iPhone and it really worked as I could get everything via the cars console. SWEET - but now had to drop an another $40 for this.

NOPE, my dealer gave me the cable in exchange for a good review on his sale to me. Hell, Yes, U Da Man and I got what I wanted - at a price, but not much more than I had already spent

Honestly not much different between the cords as you can see. Only thing I can see it that it has once connector instead of the 2 separate ones for the jacks that plug into the car.

Since it was a couple weeks between these, I did make a playlist CD off my anime. Here is what I loaded on it for the couple weeks I had nothing. It was hard picking the songs for this first CD, but it was cool to have in the car for the 45 minute drive in.

Here is the artwork I used for the CD cover.

Does you car have this option or have you made Anime CD's for your vehicle for those long trips?


  1. I use the thing that broadcasts your iPod to a radio station, personally. The sound quality isn't as good as a CD and gets worse in denser areas since you have to find a free radio station to use it on. It gets the job done, though. It also has a USB port, so it can also charge my ipod, phone, etc. Oh, it's also not ipod exclusive, so I could use Pandora Radio from my phone or something.

  2. @Slee ~ I have still to try it out on my way in to work, but I do enjoy listening to my CD right now


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