Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crazy Dan's Manga and DVD Sale

Felt like I would have some fun as I am a bit crazy (well, actually psychotic - crazy is for normal people).

I have been milling around the idea to sell some of my collection again as I hate carrying boxes. Especially boxes of books - my back hates me when I move them. These are some completed series, but mostly ongoing series of Manga that I own that I would like to sell to a good home.

I am even going crazy with the pricing, but I am only selling the sets and not individual manga. I want to give people who have not started a series or want one that they can pick them up at a stupid price.

I am even offering this to the International community as I know these are not easy to come at these prices. Sets will be sold at $4.00 USD per book per set (if you have 5 book set, cost is $20.00, 3 book set = $12.00 . . . ) plus shipping costs (which will be as close to actual costs as I can get). Now the more sets you get, the more I take off ALL the Manga.

What I mean by that is that for each set you buy, I will drop $0.25 off the cost of each book. This stops at $3.00 per book minimum as I can't give them away. Here is the breakdown for ya:
  • 1 set = $4.00 per book per set
  • 2 sets = $3.75 per book per set
  • 3 sets = $3.50 per book per set
  • 4 sets = $3.25 per book per set
  • 5 or more sets = $3.00 per book per set
This is my way of helping you get some great reads at ridiculous prices. Here is the Manga I have to sell:
  • Soul Eater ~ vol 1 - 5
  • Dance in the Vampire Bund ~ vol 1 - 9
  • 20th Century Boys ~ vol 1 - 12
  • Nightschool, the Weirn Books ~ vol 1 - 4
  • Tegami Bachi ~ vol 1 - 4
  • Rosario + Vampire ~ vol 1 - 12 (complete set)
  • Rosario + Vampire, Season 2 ~ vol 1 - 4
  • Yokai Doctor ~ vol 1 - 3
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei, vol 1 - 5
  • The King of Debris ~ vol 1 - 2
  • Gunsmith Cats, Revised Edition ~ vol 1 - 4 (complete set)
  • Ral Grad ~ vol 1 - 4 (complete set)
  • Hero Tales ~ vol 1 - 4
  • The Dark Hunters ~ vol 1
  • Jing: King of Bandits - Twilight Tales ~ vol 1
  • Dorohedoro ~ vol 1 - 2
  • Eureka Seven - Manga Collection ~ vol 2
  • Shaman Warrior ~ vol 1 - 9 (complete set)
  • Shoulder - A - Coffin ~ vol 1 - 2
Now for the DVD's, I am selling these by the sets as well. I decided to just make these easier and just charge a flat price for each. I have noted the prices next to each one on sale.
  • Appleseed Limited Collector's Edition ~ $3.00
  • Appleseed ExMachina Collector's Edition ~ $3.00
  • Vexille
  • Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children ~ $3.00
  • Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie, Conqueror of Shamballa, Special Edition Set ~ $4.00
  • Ragnarok - The Animation ~ vol 1- 3 (complete set) ~ $6.00
  • Magic Knight Rayearth2, DVD Memorial Box Set ~ vol 1 - 7 ~ $8.00
  • Future GPX Cyberformula Complete Collection ~ vol 1 - 8 (dubbed only) ~ $8.00
There may be some shelf wear or spine creases for the large manga. All of these come from a smoke free home and are in Like New condition. They have all been read or watched, so they are not new, but lovingly used :)

Leave a comment here with your desires as it is first come first get. Also drop me an email at bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com so I can review the shipping cost with you. If in the US, it will be Media Mail, International will be First Class if possible.


  1. That's a shame! You have some nice series! When I moved from my apartment to my house I moved about 1000 manga with me :) when I move again I'll probably be at 2000 lol.

  2. Wow! Those are incredible sale especially those DVDs. Too bad none caught my eyes.

  3. @lovelyduckie ~ I don't think anything will sell, but might as well try. I can't image the boxes you had to lug around with that many volumes

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ yes they are and that's okay that nothing grabbed ya =)

  4. I would be willing to take 20th Century Boys off your hands, but since I have no money comming in at the moment and that I might have to start Grad School in the fall (If I do not find some work in the next few months), I will have to wait :(

  5. @Andrew l. Budny ~ I am sure I will still have them, so drop me a line anytime to see if they are still available.

  6. I'm really interested in the Magic Knight Rayearth 2 DVD set!

    Are they still available, thanks?

  7. @Anime, Manga and Manhwa Reviews ~ yes I do have these and only the first one of the DVD's cases open. The others are still sealed new in box.


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