Sunday, March 27, 2011

Donate with your Credit Card Points

Want to donate , but do not have the cash to do it? How about using those credit card reward points you have earned?

I had gotten a email from one of my credit card companies about donating my points to the Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief effort. I don't really use my point at all for this card, so I thought why not.

For every 1000 points you donate, most will give the charity $10.00. They give them the full amount as usually other forms of payment they keep a percentage for administration reasons. Though I have heard that they are going to actually donate the full amount of anything given without charging a percentage.

Between the 2 cards that I have, I donated $50.00 to the Save the Children fund to help Japan. I talked with my wife and we had heard about the numerous orphaned children in Japan and thought this would be a great charity.

Want to give yourself, here are some Credit Cards that I know of and the sites they use to have you donate your points. The only drawback is that you have to sign up for each one, but you can remain anonymous.

You can always check out what major credit card you have to see what they are doing to support the effort to help Japan. Here are some that I was able to find:

American Express uses Members Give which is associated with Just

Capital One uses Giving Site which is associated with Network for Good.

Chase Bank uses UR Member site which is associated with the Red Cross.

Discover uses Discover Giving which is associated with the Red Cross and others.

Graphic Source: tokidoki

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