Monday, March 07, 2011

Weekend Shannagins

We went car shopping again this weekend as my wife's car is in the crapper. It looks like she will be getting a Subaru. Probably a Outback or Outback Sport. It really depends on if they can get it into our price range. It sucks as this is another car payment and money taken away for the house hunt :(

On to the fun stuff that we got this weekend.

I forgot to get my arse out of bed to watch Bleach and Kekkaishi on Adult Swim. That sucked, but I was tired from a long week. Since we are using one car, I have to get up at 5:30am to beat my wife in the shower. If I don't, I get a cold shower - burrrrrrr.

I am not sure what came over me, but we did pick up the new DSi game Pokémon White game version for my son. Now he can get Victory Pokémon Victini by using his Liberty Pass I got him in the new game. My wife decided to get Death Jr. game for the Wii Root of Evil. She is always trying to find a game that the 2 of us can play. It kind of is a perfect match for us as I am always fascinated by death and she loves boxes. I am not as much into gaming as she is, but it is a good time for us to get together for fun. We are even ordering the Official Game Book off Amazon for $16.66 instead of the $29.99. The store kept trying to shovel this down my throat to buy, but know I could get it cheaper.

My son was getting a bit upset that our local Borders store had the 100th issue of Shonen Jump in, but his has not made it to the mailbox. After 2 weeks of him looking at the bagged up version of Manga on the shelf, I bought it for him. I swear the only thing he wanted was the Yu-Gi-Oh! card again. They had a 'signed' edition of the Dark Magician card that was 'shiny' and stuff. I did write to Shonen Jump and make them aware of the issue. It will take 4-6 weeks for us to get it in - WTF, by that time, we would have moved on - oh well.

I will have to do a review of it this week as they do have a cross over Manga with Dragon Ball and One Piece. This should be an interesting edition to read.

What fun did you have this past weekend?

Pick up anything to read or watch?


  1. What the heck! When you subscribe to a magazine you're supposed to get it first! That would tick me off a lot. Currently my only subscription is to OtakuUSA and technically Protoculture Addicts. Protoculture Addicts claimed they were hibernating during the bad economy but they sent out that notice a few years ago...I should demand my money back at this point I think...

  2. I also believed that if you have made a subscription, the manga or magazine should reach you guys before it hit the store. Nice to hear you happening this week. I had fun visiting Maid's cafe this week and chilling out with friends by the beach. I'm watching Gundam Wing (for the second time) and reading 'Gundam Lost Chronicles' manga which I had bought from a US seller on eBay.

  3. @lovelyduckie ~ I got this for my son and am happy it has not closed up like the rest. Still upset about the whole NewTypeUSA fiasco and lost cahs.

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I would think the mag should in our hands before the stores, but it is sometimes not that way :(

    Wish we had a Maid Cafe here, but not sure it would do well, different type of people.


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