Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Review: Tiger & Bunny

So this will only review the 1st episode as it just came out this month. I figured I get a jump on this and start fresh this season. Not sure I can keep it going, but will try.

We start off with Tiger & Bunny as I liked the color and the name intrigued me.

~~~~~ SPOILER ALERT ~~~~~~~

Hero TV Live is a program that is setup like a contest to pick the King of Heroes. Reality TV gone wild with everyone being a possible extra. Not sure this is a good idea, but I guess that is why we all love them.

They are using a point system so that at the end of the season, one will be the MVP. The points are as follows, Criminal Captured = 200 points, Person Saved = 100 points. Can someone tell me what is wrong with this point system?

The intro is heavy into ads on the characters. Reminds me of Race Car drivers with the logos on them, thought not that many to be stupid. Blue Rose is even drinking a Pepsi Nex in the intro. You also have Bandai, SoftBank, UStream, FMV, Calbee and many others that sponsor the Heroes. Is this an anime or an ad campaign?

With all of this, they have trading cards as well. I have to get my mitts on them myself. Each card has a full color front of the Hero and the stats on the back.

What is funny is how the program is more interested in ratings and commercials than the issues at hand. At one point, they tell Wild Tiger to hold up as they cut to a 30 second commercial. Seriously, you told a Hero to wait until after commercial break to save the train that has the bag guy on it - wtf.

There are 8 Heroes (6 Guys and 2 Girls)and here they are by appearance in the first episode. Fire Emblem (has a Fast Car and uses Fire), Rock Bison (Super Strength), Dragon Kid (Lightning Bolt Kung Fu Master) , Origami Cyclone (Unknown), Wild Tiger (Hundred Power - last 5 minutes), Sky High (Wind Master), Blue Rose (Freezing Gun) and Mystery Man (Super Suit - same powers as Wild Tiger).

Fire Emblem shoots flames and is well, how can we say this, a flamer himself if you get my drift - LOL :D

The designs are quite unique to each one of the 'heroes'. There personalities also seem to draw upon the Heroes they portray. I have to admit, this was the main draw for me. Very colorful and at times over the top though. They do a nice mix of regular and CGI Anime in the show when necessary. This is especially common with the heroes costumes.

I am enjoyed the wealth of information that they broadcast for each hero. It included their stats in the points ranking as well as their own info. Who they were, the type of equipment or power they had.

Their special powers seems to have appeared 45 year ago due to something called NEXT. Not sure what that is all about, but I am sure we will see more as the show processes. I thought they got their powers from their suits and weapons. What happened 45 years ago???

This episode also ends this season for the heroes as well as an announcement of the mystery guy that is joining the fold. You can see who got MVP this time around with over 12K in points.

We get to see them in a wide range of environments including personal life. This takes the edge off the show and brings in a nice balance. We see that Wild Tiger has a daughter and she wants him to come to a recital the next day. Seems like he may be divorced, but not sure. He appears to be one of the main staples as the show revolves around him the majority of the time. We see that his company he was sponsored by gets sold as well. Why the hell are they picking on him?

Of course what would a good Anime be without some curve balls. We find that the old time Wild Tiger has to team up with another person (can you guess who) due to the buyout. Check out the next episode preview and see why the shows name is called Tiger & Bunny!


Reason for the mid grade was that is seems to be predictable with the younger hero taking over for the older one. You know this will be a conflict in the beginning and then friends later.

I am sure the toy industry is going to be making figures soon. I also hate the over commercializing in the show. I know why it is there, but seems like a product dump that happens to be an Anime and not the other way around.

Do I plan to watch it? The answer is yes as I like Blue Rose (not as much fan service with her character - WHY?!?!), but make a figure of her and make a sale with me!


  1. This isn't really my type of anime, but I do like Blue Rose from those screenshots.

  2. @ Gun the ammoless ~ LOL - not sure this guy has any luck, but the larger mecha is cool

    @Yi ~ she is the only eye candy this has so far :(

  3. They're halfway through the run now, and it's surprisingly good. Should give it another chance if you have time.

  4. @Anonymous ~ I need to catch up on the series as I have had a few distractions recently


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