Monday, April 04, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans

Well another weekend gone and shopping completed. Did a little bit of buying this weekend with some cards and Anime DVD's.

Went to Suncoast to see if they have Evangelion 2.22 on the shelves.They did not and when I asked, they said it would be released tomorrow (Sunday 04/03). Dude, you have a sign that clearly states it was released on 03/29 of this week, why the are you lying to my face? This is what I wanted to say, but knew that they had a big Anime Sale tomorrow and they were holding some copies back.

My son was able to get a 2 pack of Pirates of the Caribbean Trading Card Game. He loves getting these as they have mini pirate ships that you build.To say that he is a collector, is stating it mildly as you can see by his collection. I took an old wooden Coke case carrier and made a shelf out of it for his collection.

I did manage to go back the next day for there "big Aniume Blowout Sale". I was able to get my copy of Evangelion 2.22 on blu-ray and also got the complete collection of Tokyo Majin - S.A.V.E. version. Everything came to $37.09 USD. THe big sale was if you bought anything anime related, you got the second one at 1/2 off.

Hopefully in the future, you will see a review of both of them on my blog. But for now, I need to catch up on my other reviews. I will have the review of my Transformers Terradive figure up this week. Should be about mid week when it will post with plenty of pictures.

For those playing the Nintendo DS game Transformers: War for Cybertron, I have a code for ya. The secret code is 9871 and it will immediately unlock Ramjet for your game. In the Decepticon version, it is available for missions and the multiplayer modes. For the Autobot version, it is only good for Multiplayer only - sorry.

Have to get back to my Anime watching and hope everyone had a nice weekend as well.


  1. I watched Evanglion 2.22 last weekend. I really liked it! I don't think I could do a proper review on it though. The words to describe why I like it just aren't on the tip of my tongue for some reason. But I will say that the character Mari definitely met my high expectations. I liked her a lot.

  2. @lovelyduckie I have yet to watch it - possibly planning a Friday Movie night

  3. That's some impressive ship collection your son got there. Congrats to your new import of anime.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ he is pretty happy with it as well and very proud of himself for building most of them


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