Friday, April 08, 2011

Zaku Girl Cosplayers

We can't forget the other side of the coin when it comes to Gundam. What about those great Zaku's that everyone just love to hate. I have not forgot about them and nor did our lovely ladies of cosplay.

Here for your enjoyment are some of the ones that I was able to find. I know there are much more out there ladies, so let me know who you are so we can get you posted here.

"Zaku, Zaku" Lets get to the Ladies! "Zaku, Zaku"

Acero Tiburon

Mio Sato


nami terizaki

Cindy "meowskitty" Fadera
( Designer polidread)

Shiho Nakamura

Zaku Girl

Sources: Gears Online | Anime Vice |


  1. Those mono-eye looks fearsome in their MS form but they appeared ultra adorable as Zaku gals. An interesting post indeed.

  2. People really do cosplay everything!

    I'm starting to love these Gundam mechamusume type cosplays.

  3. thanks for featuring the Zaku & Gundam cosplay girls!
    its good to see international cosplayers united in a single concept.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I am glad you liked and may showcase the 'normal' Gundam cosplay later for ya.

    @Yi ~ they do and wait till this coming Friday

    @polidread ~ I was amazed by seeing Zaku gilrs in general and what a great job you did on their cosplay!

  5. there are some really detail shits there. Just the other day when I was going to the MalaysianGP, I saw two cosplayers doing what I assumed were vocaloids. They were terrible but I applauded the effort.

  6. @Cosplayer Mimay ~ need to behave myself sometimes :P

    @kluxorious ~ They do something that I do not have the time for and sometimes really go that extra mile.


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