Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ANN has some Staff Openings

Was at work and had some downtime, so I checked out AnimeNewsNetwork (ANN). Usually I spend my time reading some of the news or checking out the columns. Streaming is a bad thing, so at work, that is taboo.

I found that they had some Staff Openings and figured I share with all you. I would love to get a gig at there, but not much of a professional writer. There are some of you however that have some stunning reviews and should jump at the chance to do this.

What they are looking for is as follows:
  • Manga Reviewer
  • News Intern
  • OpenX Expert (computer stuff)
  • FreeBSD Expert (more computer stuff)
If you think you have the merits to do the job, check out the link and drop a line to them. I am sure it would be worth the while as you will never know unless you do.


  1. I supposed working in a industrial where you interest lies will be getting the best job in the world. Anyway , you are already professional writer for your own blog. Hee! Hee!

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ not too sure about that, need to write more words :(

  3. It sounds interesting but I can't see myself being able to write worthwhile reviews for them. Plus I like to be spontaneous with what I read. manga perhaps? Momma still needs volumes 3+ from Black Jack :)

  4. @lovelyduckie I think you should post for the job :)


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