Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have to drop a quick "Thank You" to Otakitty for dropping me an email on this.

Like the title depicts, I despise, loath, hate, hope a hole opens up to swallow them, wish they would get a clue people who just copy your blog post and post it on their blog. Look, if you do that, make sure you start off the post noting the origination of the original blog.

Case in point: The Cosplayers

Their blog is spackled with crappy Google ads with a plain black background. It seems they do not have an ounce of creativity as they copied my cosplay post about MSYU from the anime [C]. It was such a poor copy job that they had boxes at the bottom which usually means junk text. I did a screen grab of part of the post they did.

For your reference here are the site links: Mine | Theirs

Now theirs was 'posted' on the same day, but at 12:33 am. Mine was posted at 3:33 am (which is my standard time for scheduling my posts anyway). They may say that I copied from them as it was 3 hours later that mine was posted - SCREW THAT BULLSHIT.

If you are not aware, the dates and times can be changed on these blogs even after you post. Just to prove this fact, I changed the post time for mine to be at 12:01am.

Now I didn't dive deeper into this blog as I didn't want to find anything else. I need to cool off now before I burst a blood vessel in my head.

UPDATE: My wife found several more that included cosplay, interviews, posted signs and other ones from my blog. I can only assume he has some that scrubs the site and posts it on theirs.

I ahve sent the links to Google and they have removed 4 of the post they did. I wish they would just take down the site though.

Has anyone else had this happen to their blog?

To add insult to injury, my Hotmail account got hacked. Good part was that I don't use it a lot and the spam was minimal. They also did not change my password, so I updated it and removed all my contacts.


  1. Wow, that's super low of them to do that. It's such a jerk move. I can't imagine why anyone would rip someone else's post off completely, word for word.

    Hopefully, they remove it soon. Also, maybe you can report it to blogspot or something and have it removed.

  2. I would suggest reporting this through blogger, by clicking on the 'Report Abuse' on their site.

    If they did this once, it is more than likely they have done it before (or since) to someone else.

    I hate a$$holes!!

  3. I think I found another one they ripped off you. Here is the link:

    At least it had your 2 Old 4 Anime name in it????

    I think they post from multiple sites and sometimes they give credit (well, or the site had it's own link already in the post) and sometimes they don't.

    So pathetic...

  4. @Yi and Faery Chaos ~ It sucks that people have to do this as it just shows how lowlife they are.

    I don't want to dig too much as I don't want to get any more upset, but thanks.

  5. I'm sure they're doing it to garner hits, therefore all the ads across the page, even so duplicate content is not looked upon favorably by search engines, and it is in your best interest to have it removed since it could affect the rankings for your own blog as well.

  6. Ouch, that's messed up that all that happened to you, surely they'll get theirs in the end (I hope). It's never a good thing to get ripped off but that should at least point to your content being worthy of theft. I'd take it as an insult and a compliment, though mostly an insult. Hope it stops soon and they get removed.

  7. @Otakitty ~ I did drop a comment on the site and reported it to Blogger.

    @Persocom ~ It is a indeed a double edge sword with what you said.

  8. :O thats pretty disgusting, im so sorry
    good thing you have loyal fans out there that found out about it so you could report it
    hope that blog is shut down soon

  9. @plantie_bee ~ it was extremely thoughtful of them to let me know.


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