Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Over 500 Posts and an Earthquake

Talk about an opening title - finally broke over 500 posts and we had an earthquake yesterday.

Where should I start with first? Well, since I opened with 500 posts in the title, lets do that :D

It all started on May 6th 2009 with a post reviewing Basquash! Episodes 1 & 2. Which I think is really funny as I am not into sports that much. It was then that I jumped into the world of blogging and have been kicking it since then.

I never imagined I would hit this number as I figured I drop it after a while. But I kept going strong thanks to the wonderful comments and fellow blogger's that I have met. If you want to check out their blogs, go to my Blog Rolls -n- Links page. It is a long list, but I try to check them out as they have some interesting posts.

I checked out ClustrMaps and found some neat statistic starting in June of 2009. My all-time total of visitors so far has been 153,567 with 302 just on Monday alone. The top 5 countries are: United States, Brazil, Canada, Philippines and the UK.

What is the biggest draw to my site? Well that has to be Cosplay. Not only is my Cosplay page a big hit, out of my top10 most viewed posts, 8 are about cosplays. Of these, the Morrigan post is the heaviest hitter with 18,298 views so far. Now you see why I have one every Friday - sexiness sells as always.

Here are some other silly statistics that I wanted to share ~

Top Internet Browsers: Firefox, Chrome and then Internet Explorer - now that is funny
Top Operating Systems: Windows, MacIntosh and Other Unix
Top Referring Sites: All Google - no shock here
Top Key Words: morrigan, black rock shooter cosplay, morrigan cosplay, motoko kusanagi and strangely enough iiniku ushijima.

I even got a fellow 'olde guy', DC Rushton, who helps out with some of the posts. You have to check out each Saturday's 'Posted Signs' for a good laugh.

Now onto the the Earthquake.

Our local paper did a quick post about it in the Tri-State area (Maryland, Virginia and West Virgina). We got rocked at work for a short time which was a new experience for most people. Not too many of these natural events happening here at that magnitude (5.9). It happened around 2pm EDT and rocked most of the East Coast of the US.

It was funny, right before as there was some small tremors and someone thought I was bouncing my leg under the desk - LOL. Then it hit and we know it was not my leg. We did evaluate the building as a precaution, so got out of work for 20 minutes.

That's alot of excitement in one day. So here is looking at another 500 posts (I hope).


From DC:

Your Friend and Co-Writer: DC Rushton, AKA: "The Priest of Tao"


  1. My congratulation my friend. I must agree that sexiness is a selling point and most importantly, your blog has got character and personal style.

  2. @ Dennis aka Katsuden ~ many thanks my friend for always stopping by :)

  3. Congrats on 500 posts! That's impressive. We here in Colorado also had a quake, about 11:45 PM the night before yours. It was the largest one to hit since 1967 and the first I've experienced since I moved 4 years or so ago. Of course the Eastern quake completely overshadowed it but it was big news for a few hours XD Pretty crazy we both had one in less than a day and they're rare in both cases.

  4. Persocom ~ I heard about that one as well, looks like Mother Earth was getting restless.


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