Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SDCC Web Report Day 2 Part 1

Comic Con 2011: Web-Report for, “2old4anime ~ Day 2

by DC Rushton

The trolley fills with badge bearing Comic Con Conventioneers. Some are Cosplayers in full costume. Listen to the crowd and you can pick up on things happening in the Con. Too many stories of “The line for this, and that, will be long.” Sadly, if it’s good, you will lose a day of the Con just standing in line. As I travel a long I formulate my battle plan. (I can’t dose, sleep, or read on the trolley. Too much going on around me) Must study my “Events Guide” over morning coffee and pipe. There a little “Smoker’s Break” area next to “A” door. “CHANK”. Damn trolley mechanical sounds just made me jump. Conventioneer next to me saw it. “Air Force. Nan. Veteran.”, I tell him. “Thank you for your service”, he said, and shook my hand. Here at the Comic Con I have discover the most amazing thing.

RESPECT! Yes, respect. The Youth, just for coming to the Con in costume and living like a kid. The Young Cosplayers, for being so old to be Cosplaying, my Costume and Character I created, and living so young. The Older Cosplayers who cheer me on, as I do them. The people everywhere who take pictures of me with them. And most importantly, ALL who look me in the “RED EYES”, and say: “Thank You For Your Service To Our Country.” My Father’s father, (WW 1#) came home a hero. My Father, (WW2) came home a hero. All the other Service men and women, from all the other wars came home heroes. My war, The Viet Nan War. We did not. NOT UNTIL THE SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, I GOT RESPECT. This Veteran cried last year when a AMERICAN ICON walked up to him, said “Thank you for your service to our country!”, and shook my hand for it. You know who it was? “CAPTAIN AMERICAN”! So to the San Diego Comic Con, I say: “THANK YOU! The trolley lands in front of the convention center and all rise as one. “It’s time for day 2 of the Con.

Over morning coffee and pipe I go over the day’s battle plan. I am a “Writer”, first. Everything else is second. The “Big Bang Theory” screening with Q +A, panel, would be nice. But I need to be stuck in it’s line right now. “PASS”! The only 2 panel that really interest me are over lapping. (DAMN!) “Writing For The Apocalypse: Gender Authors Explore The end Times” panel at 4:00. Or, 3:30, “The Military in Film” panel. TOUGH CHOICH! The first is here in the convention center, the second, across the street at the Marriott, Hall 2#. No chance to sprint from one to the next. (Damn again!)

So…It’s the “Military in Film”. Never been across the street to any of the Con panels there. Battle plan set. Time to take up my morning place in front of “A” door. Let my “Red and Black Uniform” of Comic Con call out to be photograph. It is a “Trade Mark”. “Ying Yang Man”, comes forth from the crowd. A young man in street clothes walk up to me. “I remember you from the “Ray Bradbury” autograph line last year! You had him call you over and talk to “The Dean” out back!” “And I proudly cry that moment you remember!”, I say to him shaking his hand. “NO shame guy!”, he assured me. He then passes me a half page print out. I am invited to a small after Con party of 20 people. “Meet up here’s at 5:30. Only people I know, and old Con friends. The coolest only. YOUR ONE! Got to run!” Again I say: “It is the Way of the Con!”.

My “Box Lunch” from home, and pipe finished, I give a map check provide in the “Event Guide” the best route to go across the street to get to the “Marriott” Hall 2#. Plenty of time to trek through the convention center. INCOMING! MILITARY COSPLAYERS! 5 man armored “Halo” combat assault team. O.M.G. BUDDHA! During our conversation about “How Hot is YOUR Costume?”, I find out there ALL ACTIVE MILITARY, NAVY. And they found out I’m a VIET NA VET.! Shaking each others hand, we thanked each other for doing our duty, calling each other: “BROTHER”. When I meet a Brother or Sister, Active Duty, or Retired: “This is the Way of The Con”.

One of the most meaningful moments of Cosplay I have experienced here at Comic Con, happen to me on the noisy main lobby floor, on my way to the Marriott. Through the crowd of humans I saw a disabled Lady Cosplayer, in a wheelchair. Being disabled, and a Cosplayer, and her costume… I was drawn to her. “DAMN HUMANS IN MY LINE OF SITE“, I thought. Anime series ran through my brain. Before her I kneeled and said: “My Lady. I am disabled myself and also a fellow Cosplayer. I am DC Rushton, “The Priest of Tao”, my Cosplay name and character I created, not from any series. I would be my honor to have my picture taken with a “Sister Disabled Cosplayer”.

Is that character from ”Ghost In The Shell”? The Major, Motoko Kisangani?” DAMN NOISY HUMANS! The crowd drown out her soft voice and I did not hear her answer. But her eyes shouted her answer to having my picture with her! MEN. I address thee! Moving on my knees over beside her, eye level, looking into the windows of her soul… If we were both standing, I would of done a “Warner Brother”, “MELT-INTO-A-PUDDLE” before this woman. Those eyes were locked with mine. (talk about the mongooses and snake) The BRITE SUN, I saw there, only because I asked her to have a picture with her… “Brown Eyes…”, my mouth manage to get out. That BRITE SUN in her eyes went completely, NOVA! (my best friend and ex-wife has brown eyes) And these are the moments, that are the reason, I LIVE FOR THE CON!

Note: My Son gave me a lead on this Disabled Cosplayer’s character. Said it was a Villainess from, The Animated Series: “Batman, The Brave and Bold“. I wish to properly ID her when I made my “Cosplay of The Disabled” area of my COMIC CON WALL. If you can help, drop me, or Dan, a note.

Check back on 08/18 for the second part :D


  1. Man, I would like to have the shield from that old-skool Capt! Lol....

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ that was a nice cosplay and I loved the detail in the scales of the costume.

  3. Hello there! I am the disabled lady you took the picture with. :)

    The character was Lashina, one of Darkseid's Female Furies from DC Comics (I put together a whole group of them). And yes, she's appeared in some of their animated stuff too. Happy to have give you such a great Comic-Con moment!


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