Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sushi for Dinner

Since the family is out on the other coast visiting family, I decided to get some sushi. It has been a while and I really wanted to get some while no one was around. My son tends to try some, but only eats out the center and leaves the nori and rice intact - LOL.


I drove about 20 minutes to Nikko Japanese Steak and Seafood in Hagerstown, MD. I had some good sushi for them before and with a 15% coupon, not a bad deal. Everything above (minus Sake) came to about $28.00 w/tip.

Got my normal Spicy Crab & Tuna, some Volcano Tuna and a special they had called Captain Crunch (tempura shrimp). They had no room in the one container, so they dropped the Ginger and Wasabi in with the Captain. I also got a couple sides of Eel Sauce, Spicy Mayo and packets of Soy Sauce. Since the Eel sauce is so thick, I add Soy Sauce to make it easier for dipping.

Captain Crunch

What is Sushi without Sake? Well for me, not a complete meal! I had gotten a bottle of Sake to try a while ago and had it chilling. It is called Tozai Junmai 'Living Jewel'. I could say it just had a cool Koi fish on the front, but I am trying to get better acquainted with the variety of Sake.

I like the information they had on the back describing the types of sake, the prefecture, rice and profile of this type. I know it may all just be hype, but I liked the cool bottle diagram (see below). I even broke out my Sake container and cup.

This did have a nice aroma and was very smooth. With it being chilled, it was like drinking spiked juice. It still had a sight bite, but very easy to drink and drink and drink (well I did finish the sake container). Will definitely recommend to someone not used to Sake and wants to get introduced for the first time.

I even picked up an anime movie from the Library ~ Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody. Great movie, sushi and sake and not interruptions - I was in a moment of Zen - ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ummmmmm, where did all my sushi and sake go?

Did I eat it that fast - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - it is all gone - *sniff*


  1. Great lifestyle of anime, sushi & sake. My style will be Macross anime, Katsudon & green tea for the moment of Zen. Can't do it at home cos my 3 kiddos will bark me. Ha! Ha! Enjoy yourself!!!!!

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ It was great while it lasted, but really could of ate more :(

  3. I'm having chinese/japanese tonight for a b-day party. It's at a restauarant chain that I think is decent...but I have so many MUCH better sushi places up the street from me at a similar price that I prob won't bring myself to order any sushi.

  4. @lovelyduckie ~ I think I may be getting more this weekend before the family gets back from Cali :)


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