Tuesday, September 13, 2011

August - September Hauls

It has been a while sine I did a set of monthly hauls of stuff. My family has spent a small fortune over at Borders on books. They only have like 5 days left before they totally closes their doors forever. Our last buy was this weekend at both the Hagerstown and Frederick Maryland locations.

Here is a shot of what me and my son picked up in the way of Manga and stuff. We do have some back filling to do on some of the series, but for the most part got a good bunch of them.

I have read all the Air Gear series and am really looking forward to the other issues. I will have to do a review blog on Manga vs Anime for this series. My son is almost done his Shaman King series, but we need to get volume 29.

As for figures, well that has been captured completely by Gundam this time. I picked up some from the HCM Pro series and one more GFF from eBay for a great price. I had not gotten any HCM Pro series before and they are a 1/200th scale series. All were complete sets with only a couple missing the instructions.

If anyone can send me copies of the instructions for the Gundam Fix Figuration #0024 or the HCM Pro 22-00 Zaku, I would be grateful.


  1. Sorry bro, I don't have any of the copies you requested. Cool manga on Shaman King! I have watched the anime before. Quite some loot on HCM Pro you got there.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ pass the word if you can in your neckof the woods to see if anyone may have on the instructions.

    Never really sue about the HCM Pro series, but very nicely detailed for the size

  3. Ah..unfrotunately the ending to Shaman King isn't the greatest. But I hear they re-did it in Japan. Perhaps we'll get the new ending sometime too?

  4. @lovelyduckie ~ my son so far is enjoying it and is nagging me to make sure I get volume 29. This is the only one he is missing and I have ordered via Amazon :)


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