Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SDCC Web Report Day 4 Part 1

Comic Con 2011: Web-Report for, “2old4anime”~ Day 4, Part 1

by DC Rushton


Sunday, the last day of the Con is the mellowest! FAMILY DAY. But yet, the Cosplayers costumes are right up there with Saturday’s. AND, these Cosplayers are… “Mothers and Dads”, with their kids! Whole family cosplaying in a single theme. LOVE IT! At my morning Con’s position walked up a “Single Mom“, and 2 children. “The family that COSPLAYS together, STAYS TOGETHER!”, I announced to all, and got a picture of that Cosplay moment with her. Walking through the “A” Door, I was on my way to the dealer floor. It was in the center of the “Handicapped Area”, I stopped dead in my tracks!

There he sat in his wheel chair. Even in the sun light that came through the windows of the Center, you would have to look twice to be sure. “IS THAT PATRICK STEWART?“ There, a “Disabled Cosplayer”, gave me my “Greatest Cosplay Moment”! “Professor Xavier”, himself, and the X-Men’s, Emma Frost, herself, behind his wheel chair! The power of that Cosplay Moment! It shall stay with this Cosplayer for all his days. That picture of me kneeling beside his wheel chair shaking his hand shall be framed on my wall, hung in a place of honor! And again I said to these two Cosplayers: “Thank You for this Cosplay and bring this Character to life for all of us to enjoy!”

Now to SHOP! I have been very thrift wise and have done my scouting on what is where. Money is lighter than product. And sometimes deals can be had on the last day of the Con. Still no “Gamera”, The Flying Turtle of Japanese monster movies. Here is the booth. Others sold “Godzilla” at $25.00 to $30.00. I see he had changed tags on his. “$20.00. Last day sale?”, I ask all ready with a “Jackson”, in hand. “Yes they are guy.”, he nods. “Let me have a ‘Classic Dark Green” by your elbow and save your bags. These are too light a green! No tags I see. Therefore “Cheaper?”. “You got it!”, he answers passing me one. Two years ago I got the cheapest Godzilla for $14.95, one third smaller, but bearing Tags proclaiming “TOHO”, 2006, Booklet in Japanese. This years Godzilla stands 9 ins tall and 18 ins long. Made for many a good joke. Godzilla’s head poking his head out of the top zipper of my rolling Con bag. (that will keep “Pick Pockets Hands” out of my bag) Further a long through the dealer floor I made only a few minor buys for friends. How did we make it with out the Cell Phone/Comm. Unit? Prime Friend, Old Slave-Mate of North Island, and Fellow Air Force Vet, John Rod, had to get something for him! Called him in front of a booth that had, “THE TICK”. “Hell yea SPACE! (my old “SLAVE” name) Number 1#! Great!” And with that, shopping DONE!

Here is something I must speak of, and tell you all about. “TADS”! Yes Tattooed “WOMEN”. First of the non-costumed Ladies. I have seen more Taded Ladies the Con, than I’ve seen all year! In one hour for example, I met 4 “Taded Ladies“. 3 of them, the theme… “Doctor Who”. The fourth, “Star Gate”. Now as for the costumed Ladies… “Let your imagination run wild”. There were far too many in the “Universe of Comic Con”, to tell you of here.

Still with “Coin in Purse”, I took lunch in front of the convention center. Prime spot for Cosplay and Photo Shoots of “Families”. Setting in bit of half shade with my hat on, I ate lunch. Looking up from my bag, I was asked for a picture. Before me was a whole family. Had to be Chinese or Korean. FULL FAMILY! From “Baby”, to “Elder Grand Mother”. (large group of 10 people interested in my costume) I then understood after a few pictures by them, (and even more people) they wanted “Elder Grand Mother” to stand in a picture with me. Elder Grand Mother had a look that said: “What in the 9 HELLS are you?” ( the Chinese have 9 hells) Can’t say I blame her. And my heart is Japanese! You care for the passing ageing generation. THAT IS RESPECT! I went to my knees before the crowd. “SHOW TIME”! In my finest “Constipated Wizard” voice from the “CONAN” movie said: “ Grand Elder Mother”, with a full bow, (yes on my knees) “I am the Priest of TAO!” I held forth the large “Taoist” symbol of the “Ying and Yang”. Common symbol in “Buddhism”. I made a universal hand gesture of “Peace and Welcome”. A smile and a step up to me was my reward. I gently brought out my fan, held it out, slowly opening it as a “Peacock” was displaying for a Lady Peacock”. (the Ying/Yang proudly on it) Holding it to my side, Grand Elder Mother gladly stood be side me for her photo with this strange “Priest of Tao”. Giving her a last bow and a small applause, the crowd parted. THEN I TRIED TO GET UP!

This shows the “Kindness”, one finds at the Comic Con. The last man in the photo shooting crowd was there in a flash, help me back to setting position. I thanked him, spoke aloud of him, and said, “Kindness”, and why I did that, “On My Knees, For GRAND ELDER”. It was an act of RESPECT! Standing with a few “Ti Chi” moves, I check my Fanny/Purse. “May be I’ve got enough for a small BEER, I hope.” I said and bowed to them. Down towards the cross walk access on my way I nodded “Hello” to a Cop. This Lady come up from behind me calling: “Ying Yang Guy! Sir!” The cop point to her. “Here. Your so nice, this is from us. HAVE A BEER!”, she said, out of breath, and jets back to where ever she came from. We looked at each other. He said: “ I think it’s time for a BEER!”. I explained what I did and why. “WE TOUCH FIST“, and with my “Tao Strut” in FULL GEAR, I went for a Comic Con BEER.


  1. Ha! Ha! The last pic was epic! I will be blessed. Lol....

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ if it was only this easy to get along is the truth


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