Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Cosplay: Blair from Soul Eater

Halloween is in a couple more days, so lets start the celebration early. For this Friday Cosplay, I have picked Blair the Cat Witch from Soul Eater. What a sexy witch she is, but not as sexy as my wife.

If you don't know about her, she a witch that can turn into a cat and just LOVES throwing pumpkins. If you hear her say "Pump-Pumpkin, Pumpkin", you better run away.

I found it interesting that when I was looking for cosplayers, I actually found 2 with cat names. Lets get to treating my readers before they end up doing tricks to me . . .

. . . here are the lovely ladies that cosplayed her.

Photographers: Morataya | popecerebus | LJinto | miranda chab | Juan Pablo Ojeda


  1. Great choice, good taste :) Blair is perfect for Halloween and these girls did a wonderful job portraying her ^^ Been in the mood to watch a little Soul Eater again lately too :3

  2. @Persocom ~ What better way to start the holiday weekend, but with a Witch Cosplay Post! My wife picked up Soul Eater vol 7 Manga for me and will be enjoying it this weekend.

  3. Cosplay Kitten pulled her off so seamlessly, but Pecchi has the best hair and eyes hands down. My contacts barely look golden :(

  4. @Otakitty ~ PecChi eyes really are great

  5. This picture is my favorite,

    really great halloween cosplay, shame girls here dont dress up, so boring :/

  6. @Fabrice ~ I actually saw one girl dressed up at work the other day and it was surprising. My other company made a big deal out of the holiday and had contests for the departments.

  7. Hey thats me! thank you for includding me! :D
    but my name is MAI not MIA XD!thank you again!!

    1. DOH! = Sorry about that and it has been corrected. T

      Thank you for dropping by :D

  8. Otakitty clearly knew the character lol, she seemed to have this playful flirtatious attitude in the photos...

    Then pecchi comes in with a miracle cosplay, that carries a very cat like, aloof feel to it.

    Otakitty wins my heart while pecchi wins my eyes.


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