Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transformers $5 Coupon

I almost forgot to get this posted this week about a $5.00 coupon for any Transformers - Dark of the Moon toy.

I am not sure if this is available internationally as this is in USD. If you live in the United States, this will definitely work for you. I picked up a Transformer at Walmart and did not have any issues using it.

Requirements for the coupon:
~ It has to be from the 'Dark Side of the Moon" series
~ A single toy purchase must be $5.99 or higher
~ You must use it before the end of 10/31/2011 (next Monday)

Click on the picture above as it is linked to the Facebook account for the coupon.

So far I got myself Skyhammer Mechtech for me and a Optimus Prime Mechtech for my son for Yule.

The only draw back is that you have to have a Facebook account as you have to "Like" the site to activate the coupon. You can only get 2 coupons as it limits you. However, if you have more than on account, you can get another pair (like I did).

Each coupon is unique, so print each one out individually. They all have different code numbers, so do not try to copy them. I don't know if a copy will work.

Now if I can get my wife to let me get this "little toy" as a Yule gift - hint!

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