Sunday, December 25, 2011


We actually celebrate Yule which is on the Winter Solstice. This year it happened to fall on December 23rd.

We did it a little different this year as we used Amazon Wishlists to get each other gifts. This way we got EXACTLY what we each wanted. My list was totally related to my passion for stuff from Japan. With the exception of some cologne, it was an Otaku Yule celebration.
  • Queen's Blade the Exiled Virgin Complete Series Blu-ray
  • Samurai Girls Complete Collection Blu-ray
  • 2 Himekami CD's Moonwater and Snow Goddess
  • Yamato Creators Labo #026 Evangelion Soryu Asuka Langley
It was not to the next day however that it really became clear how much fun my son had. He was off from school while both me and my wife were working. Needless to say, my wife came home to a total wreak. Here are the shots my wife took on Friday showcasing our son using the Living and Dining Room as his personal staging area - LOL.

Here is wishing you and your family a
Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday Season!

btw: My son, his friends and my wife give the game Skylanders a BIG THUMBS UP!


  1. Happy holiday!

    You have such a wonderful tree!

  2. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Saw some Gunpla lying around. Ate they from Santa? Lol...

  3. @Fabrice ~ my wife wanted a Black Tree and may be getting a white one soon as well.

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ yea, my son is becoming a Gunpla Master :D


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