Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have a Smart Phone Now!

This past Sunday was the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note in the US. I have actually been waiting on this as this would be the first smart phone I would own. Yep, I was still living in the past with a 'dump phone'. I actually called it an "MP3 player that just happened to be a phone".

My wife also up graded from an iPhone 3 to a Samsung Nitro. Both of us have Samsung's now. My son however still has an older model phone. At 10, he gets what we give him :D

I had to get a data plan for this, which was $30USD for 3GB of data a month. I have no idea how much I will eat of this and will need to watch it. I also now have texting as I didn't do that on my old phone either. My son just loves this as well and had fun texting me last night from the other room. Due to the upgrades, they had a great family plan which includes unlimited texting. My wife is overjoyed as she used to run over hers each month.

I still have a lot I need to discover on this. My main reason was that this has a stylus (they call it an 'S Pen') as you can 'lasso' pictures and cut them out of the screen. It does have a 'click' button for use, but not too practical. As you can see by the size of it, kind of small. BUT for $50USD, you can get a more 'manly' sized pen which 'holds' the S-Pen inside it. The best app per my son so far is Sky Maps by Google.

It is also quite light for it size and fits in my hand fine. My co-workers on the other hand thought it was too large and should of not gotten it. Once I master this baby, they will be jealous! Here are some more shots of it including what my blog looks like on it:

The only issue I am currently having is with the Bluetooth (BT) synching. It sees my car (which has BT), but I can't use the voice commands. It downloads the contacts list, but doesn't seem to see it O_o I also have an older BT headset and it is also not picking it up. I am heading over to AT&T store to see about the settings and may hit the dealership later this week.

Here is a shot I took of my desk with the camera on the phone. It was charging when I did this, so sorry for odd angle. This puppy does eat us some energy.

If anyone has any cool Apps for the Android, let me know!


  1. Congrats, I just got a phone upgrade too, but I think it's still a dumb phone. I'm not that up on phone tech. I don't want net on my phone and all that extra stuff so I'm happy with what I got.

    1. I had a dumb phone and right now my smart phone is lacking in the bluetooth department. Hitting up AT&T on Saturday to see whats up, but heard Android OS is a bitch with synching to your car.

  2. Samsung Galaxy Note is very popular in Singapore and many of my friends love the vibrant display. Nice grab!


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