Friday, August 23, 2013


“Cosplay is an amazing art form. Anyone wants to be, any story you want to tell, you can do that through Cosplay.”

Lady Yaya Han began her introduction to the first of six episodes of “Heroes of Cosplay”. This series will follow eight Competitive Cosplayers and Yaya Han, The Cosplay Jude”, through six conventions at different cities, beginning with WIZARD WORLD, in Portland. These Cosplayers and Cosplay Jude Yaya Han tell their stories, dreams, advice, FEARS, and some are, told through “Tears”. From “Jesse”, who wants to “Professionally”, make costumes + armor for a living, to “Becky” (“Old School of Method Acting” as I) who thinks getting into the Character is just as important as the Cosplay Costume itself. 

Yaya Han tells us her personal story, takes us into her home and work shop. Here we get to meet, “The Great Man, Behind the Great Lady”, her Fiancé Brian. They are a “Team”. May one day, I hope to meet Brian, and “TOUCH MAN FISTS”. Yaya in this episode we is having “Paint Problems” with her costume the day before they have to leave to Portland. Brian saw her frustration, and stepped right up and took control. “GOOD MAN”! Yaya has enter so many Cosplay Competitions and won, she has established herself as “THEE BEST OF THE BEST OF COSPLAY”, and is now asked to “Jude” Cosplay Competitions. Yet she still comes to each and every Cosplay Competition as if she were other side of the Judges Bench! Her “Reputation and High Standers” she hold herself to, brings “FEAR” to Cosplayers who are to be judged in Cosplay Competitions by her.

In these Cosplay Competition Yaya grades on “Craftsmanship”, “Showmanship”, and “Difficulty”. The same standers she holds herself to every day. For Craftsmanship, if she see or hears, of “Store Bought”… You will lose Points with her, and she will let the other Judges know it. Difficulty speaks for itself. The winner of “Best In Show” this first episode was a “Galactis” Cosplayer. Now as for Showmanship, this is where points are made with her. For Cosplay is acting. If your not in Character, or just showing your body in the Costume off. YOU LOSE! I recommend “Heroes of Cosplay” to everyone. If you are new to Cosplay, or a Veteran Professional Cosplayer as I, “Heroes of Cosplay” is for you.


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