Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: Creators Labo #32 Pieces 2, Iris Hallett

Creators Labo #32 Pieces 2, Iris Hallett is a gorgeous figure. I have been wanting to grab this one for a while. It was one of my final purchases on eBay and well worth it. She was in the artbook Pieces 2: Phantom Cats written by Masamune Shirow.

What a beautiful figure and a MUST HAVE for any fan of his work. It is well done and extremely detailed (see photos below after the break). What I love the most is that it keeps right with the artwork and doesn't degrade anywhere. If you check out her breasts (like you didn't already), they are exactly how he draws them.

Everything about this figure screams "Shirow" and you never doubt it. The box is well constructed and features the artwork showing her off. You can't really tell where the figure begins and the artwork stops in a way.
Now I can see how this figure may be a bit much for some people. Highly sexual and screaming FANBOY material. I am one not to argue this fact as it is true. One of the biggest draws to his work is the erotisim. Even GitS has some erotic undertones in it (her swimming is one scene I remember). The way he draws his women is overflowing with suggestive imagary and you can't help but get drawn in.

You get 3 peices with this figure; her, the stand and a HUGE gun. Seriously, that gun is almost as big as her. Construction is very simple and only took me a couples minutes to get her showcase ready. She has a notch sticking out on her hand that you push the gun into and wala - you are done. Theny you just sit back a drool, ummmmmmm, I mean admire (perv).

Here are the stunning photos I took of this figure for your viewing pleasure. I have to admit, this gave me a better look at the figure and how much this is so damn true to his vision.


Infamous PANTSU Shots!
(yep, you get 2 of them today - your welcome, heehee)

I am already biting at the bit as they are producing Cyril Brooklyn from this same book as a figure. I will have to do some pre-ordering as I want the pair.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Indeed, one look you will know it's by Masamune Shirow. Think I saw this on sale at my local store. Guess Pink is not so much of a tactical colour however Iris Hallett sure is worth the time taking multiple looks. Those weapons she carries are cool. Man! Thank you so much for delivering those Infamous PANTSU Shots! Luv Them... ^_^

    1. I have to say that these pantsu shots were really nicely detailed just like Masamune Shirow would do. Damn I love his art!


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