Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anime Quick Look: Kill la Kill

When watching Kill la Kill (Kiru ra Kiru), you better hold on to your chair as this ride is seriously FAST, bumpy and sexy.

What would you expect from the same people who brought us Gurren Lagann. Though you might not grasp the company under the name of Trigger, you will know the people who created this anime. I am of course speaking about Hiroyuki Imaishi (Director) and Kazuki Nakashima (Writer). If anything, the imagery should have given it away.

Like I noted, this is fast paced at times, so you better be ready for it. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is over the top. Not to mention funny and sexy at the right times. Who would have though 1/2 of a large pair of HUGE Scissors would be a catalyst for an anime series.

Quick Look Summary: Dad is killed by someone using a pair of huge scissors. Half of the weapon is left behind which is taken by the daughter. She now seeks revenge, which means a crusade to find and kill person who did this. We also have a mix of the haves versus the have-nots which is expected in this series.

Of course, the story isn't that simple, but it is what it is in a nutshell. Enter Ryūko Matoi, the daughter and her mission. She ends up as a transfer student at Honnōji Academy which is her next stop in finding Dads killer. She ends up bumping into Mako Mankanshoku whom will be the 'heroine in distress' in this series as you will see. Now this isn't your normal Acadamy (SHOCK) as classmates move up in ranks depending on their skills. A 'Star' is added to their uniform (known as a 'Goku') as they are accepted. These uniforms (depending on the number of stars) grant the user additional power. This power is also linked to their speciality.

By now, you should see where this is leading. Ryūko has to battle her way up in the ranks. As it has been determined, Madam President of the Student Council - Satsuki Kiryūin knows something. So far in the first 2 episodes, it has been sports related (boxing and tennis). It is these battles where the fun really begins. It is a no holds, all in battle royal for Ryūko and she is more than ready to kick some ass!

There is a lot of background stuff going on in the series which adds some nice mystery elements. A teacher actually helps her find more power after her first major defeat. He drops her in an area below her burned down home where she awakens a suit. Well, more like a School Girl uniform. The uniform was awaken by her blood (morbid part) and does increase her power immensely. The damn uniform is alive as you will see and can be quite lovely in battle mode (see pic).

What is wacked is that she names the uniform 'Senketsu' which literally means 'fresh blood'. It also seems that this uniform is the only thing that can destroy someone wearing a Goku Uniform. Reminds me of the Spiral/Anti-Spiral theme in Gurren Lagann. One is able to destroy the other.

I have to say that I am enjoying this series so far. This to me falls into the school anime series genre. The sexual overtones are everywhere (scene with Mako's Dad and Ryūko) and the laughs are thrown in at the right times (eating with the Mankanshoku Family).



Let me know your thoughts as always!

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