Friday, July 10, 2015

UPDATE: SDCC 2015 - Day 1

Just got an email from DC to update everyone about yesterday and provide his first photos.

His injury was due to exiting one of the Trolleys going home. This was due to his hands being full with stuff he bought (see last post). He knows better now to pace himself, but was too pumped up from his meeting at the Lion Forge booth. They are the publisher that did the Yaya Han comic and he wanted to show them what he had done.

Well, let him describe it in his own words (slight edits here and there):

Yesterday, marched right to Lion Forge booth and intro myself. This very nice lady took my card with GREAT INTEREST, listening to me. Apparently she and the Queen had a idea. When lined up to meet + greet her,  you say Queen Yaya, you get a free t-shirt. Well, I had all ready said that in my own way and she loved it.
I was presented with said T-Shirt, HER CAM PHONE, (and got sent RIGHT TO YAYA HERSELF > I DID NOT KNOW), was told Yaya would be there Sat. 3:00 pm., and would sing it. I got center attention like...."the most interesting man in the world!". 

May I take a picture of your Yaya Tat? Sure. BOOM again to the Queen. Suddenly I was handed a cell. YEP! THEE QUEEN HERSELF! She RAVED about me and her TAT on ME! 


As you can see, he had a very eventful first day ad SDCC 2015. I have no idea how the hell he will beat that, but I am sure he will on Saturday. Now for some convention shots of cosplayers that DC had sent along

SDCC 2015 Cosplayers

Can't wait to see what happens on the rest of the SDCC as reported by DC, stay tuned!!

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