Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Sakura-Con 2012 Seattle, Washington USA Anime Convention ★ Take #2 ★ by OtakuFuel

Just what is the Comic Con experience really like. Memories, so many flow from my soul and the back of my mind.

They cause a tear to form my eye for I can not attend this year's San Diego Comic Con. The television stations run their: “Broadcasting Live From San Diego Comic Con”, on their morning news. I've all ready seen a few fellow cosplayers.

One in his “Joker” costume was caught by the camera's lens. The San Diego Union Tribune's “Night And Day” section was found by a fellow inmate here in Vista Knolls, and was given to me by him. (a fair source of Con info) The sound of those three words: “I Know You!”, spoken by brothers and sisters cosplayers in their new for the year cosplay costumes is common place, with all the, XXXX and OOOOs you can handle! It is also a family reunion, to say the lease. You check and time your meeting with some movie/tv star. Or in my case “A COSPLAY QUEEN”. So set back and have a taste of a good Con, and tell your world Cosplayers!

DC Rushton
Con Reporter for 2old4anime


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Please Read the Posted Signs

"Welcome to 2old4anime's INSPIRATIONAL SIGNS"

Each week here, I (D.C. Rushton), shall be presenting 5 Anime or Cosplay signs for your Enjoyment.

Make You Laugh, or Just Make You Think!

Let us on this day . . .
Little Anime Quotes

Until next time, "Please read the Posted Signs".

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

DC's SDCC 2017 Report from the Inter-Webs

My Dear Readers;

I watched with you the SY-FY Channel's live at San Diego Comic Con hour long, 3 day
coverage. It SUCKED.

Not enough on the floor coverage or outside in front of the “San Diego Comic
Con Sigh”. A trademark for our Con here. A SHAME! It got a little better the second and third final
nights. More 411s came through to us. A “FEMALE DOCTOR WHO is coming in 2018. During the
day SY-FY channel would be showing their movies of the day... Then drop a 411 on you. One example is a “Prequel” to the “Superman” series! Due in 2018.

Bad news for me. The nurse's daughter found the booth for lion's forge where Queen Yaya was to be......... No Queen, me no luck, and shit out of luck this year. I am sending her a hand written letter of missing you, and a $20.00 dollar bill to request a signed calendar of this year. She will be miss in my heart of heart's.

Drop me a drop note and tell us what you thought of SY-FY's coverage of San Diego Comic Con.

Your SD Comic Con Reporter,

DC Rushton

Thursday, July 20, 2017

2 Old 4 Anime SDCC 2017 Artificial

My Dear Readers;

SOOOOOOO SORRY I've not been writing or submitting any P.R.T.P.S. I had a accident and shall leave it at that.

I will devote a full articular on that alone. Sadly because of my situation right now I will not be attending this year's SDCC. Tears at the very thought fill my eyes. Join me in front of your televisions and watch SyFy Channel's day by day reports of the going on at the Con.

I found someone who will be attending the Con and will get me a signed copy Queen Yaya's 2017 Calendar. The Buddha bless her. ( knows me by sight )


DC Rushton

Check out the SyFy Offical Trailer too!

My Past SDCC Photos 

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