Friday, June 19, 2009

Basquash! Episode 4 Review

We left off the last episode with a Producer named Haruka Gracia visiting the crew. She is a woman frrm the Moon and wants to help them to expand their group. Did I mention she has a foot fetish or is it that she is a foot reader?!? This is just the 2 minute intro - LOL

Feet tell the truth while words and faces lie

Haruka goes on her way into the city to find something or someone. We cut to where the Princess is over looking the city while her maids run around. They are leaving the city to go back to home, but it seems the Princess is less than enthused about it. Sela has dropped off her damaged Big Foot for Miyuki to fix.

Please fix!

We see that Haruka found whom she was looking for - Sela. As always she talks about her feet - blah blah blah. We then cut to Dan's sister finding out that Haruka was a famous shoe designer that disappeared? Miyuki is busy fixing the Big Foot's while Dan is running around town making deliveries.Sela bumps into Dan on his deliveries and makes a challenge to him. She wants to finish what they started. It seems however that Dan is more focused on dunking than winning and loses out to Sela. But this is also a turning point for Dan as he has learned something - what was it that you saw him do?

Spanky (Dan's Pet) & Crawley (Sela's Pet)

We cut to a bar where we see Sexy Girls in Cat outfits dancing. Iceman is sipping a drink when Haruka approaches him to chat. She cannot see his feet - awww, but they talk about basketballs 3-second rule. She then hatches the plan she had along > a 1 on 1 on 1 Big Foot basketball game. But in the shadow there seems to be some one watching. It turns out to be the Old Man - Soichi Ayukawa (Miyuki Grandfather). She shows him something (plans of some sort). Next morning Miyuki is reading the news.

News Report

We find out that there was a basketball match night and was eventually stopped by the Police. Miyuki walks outside to see all three Big Foots needing repair. Everyone is busy working on the Big Foots when Haruka and Soichi show them the plans of really big basketball shoes (Nike ad placement here). Not sure if they are looking at plans or the Luna Breasts - lol. Coco (Dan's sister) receives an email and goes to deliver it to Dan. Seems he is asleep, so she leaves it in his big mouth. This turns out to be the Big Matchup with all three. Haruka and Ganz pick up the new shoes and deliver them to be placed on the Big Foot for the match tonight.

Basketball Match!

The crew is getting the Big Feet ready and now everyone is anxious for this match. Dan gets a food care package from his sister and eats everything up. He then throws the can which bounces around. He gets an idea and runs off with Spanky. Dan calls on Bel to help him setup posters all over the city. The new shoes get picked up and added to the Big Foots in time for the game.

New Shoes

Dunk Master (Dan) is late to the game as he is finishing up. After the countdown it is only Iceman & Sela playing. As the game begins, we see the Princess in a blimp watching the game from above and senses the change in the wind. Dan finally gets his Big Foot and meets up for the game. Normal banter begins when Dunk Master shows up and the game goes into a different direction now. We see that the posters were actually placed as things to hit so the ball would bounce in a certain pattern. We see the Princess watch the ball bounce all over the city from her Blimp overhead.

Pinball Basketball

See ya next time!

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