Sunday, June 07, 2009


I decided that I wanted a more fun banner that had a bit of "me" in it. So I bid and won a commission piece on eBay. Though the bidding ended at $7.00. I felt it was only fair to pay additional money to him for the full color completion. So the final prince was $25.00 and a fair representation of me in the art as well. This has got to be the fastest commission piece that I have ever had done.

Line Art for Banner

I started off with some of my own sketches that I forwarded to Telly with a background idea. We went back and forth via email to get the details down. Telly also let me see the sketch ideas and we narrowed down the format even further. With the exception of the lettering, all the coloring was done by Telly in less that 5 hours. Not only did I get some small and large jpg files, but he also sent me the complete final tif of the artwork. This way I could do the lettering style I wanted and then post the art.

Finished w/o Title

If you want to get a commission you can either bid on eBay or check out his deviantART site for more details. It is well worth your time to get something done. You can also get a Video of him creating the piece set to your favorite song. You can find several examples on YouTube of these which I thought were really cool. You do not always get the chance to watch your art being created.

Here are some further examples of Telly's art:


Elementalist from Granado Espada

Anime Shuffle Character
Xiaoqiao from Dynasty Warrior (Video)


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