Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almost Cleared out Storage Locker

I am nearing the end of my moving everything from storage back to the apartment or donating it. Today I have to clear 3 totes of my kids old clothes and bag them to take over to the Goodwill store to donate. I just have a box of anime artbooks, cello, crib, changing table and glider chair w/stool.

By weeks end, I will only have the baby furiture there and hope to find someone who wants to buy it. This way I do not have to carry it up a flight of stairs. BTW, anyone want to buy a cello? it does need some fixing up, but is in good shape otherwise. It was $2000 and my wife is hoping to get $250 - not a bad price - if in the Coral Springs area of S Florida, let me know.

Right now, I am wishing I had a house like Howl's . . . it moves itself - LOL

I am approaching my 100th Blog, so I am getting excited about that. Should be blast!

How many of you have hit or past the 100th blog mark?

What did you do for that blog?

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