Monday, August 03, 2009

Moving Sale - Waaaaaa

Sorry for a late blog, but I have actually been busy as hell with moving things from storage to my apartment. I still have a ton more stuff to move, but got most of the cardboard boxes. I had no idea how much stuff I have accumulated over the years. What a work out I am going to have.

I am going to be sending my wife and son up north to my Dad's while I do the clean up here. My wife has been out of a job for 2 months and we are not really having any luck with jobs here.

Due to minimal storage at my Dad's, I have decided to sell off the majority of my Anime and Figure collections. Not that I want to, but this is to save space and to get some cash in hand. I have a list for my Anime, but need to go through it. I am figuring to selling the completed box sets for around $25 and the singles for $5. I am still trying to figure out what I am going to be keeping, I will be updating this blog with my sell list for both.

My Anime-Planet Watched List

If you want to jump on the figures that I may be selling, check out my Tsuki-board figures. I know for a fact I am keeping my 3 Tandem Twin figures, but the others are so far up for grabs. My loss will be your gain as I am going to be probably offering these at 1/2 of the retail price to start (shipping will be extra). If you live local (South Florida - Broward County), you can get with me to arrange a pickup to save on shipping. Please note however that due to time constraints, I will not be able to ship International.

You can post a comment here or shoot me an email at bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com.

I will not have all your answers at first, so please be patient with me and I will get back with everyone as soon as possible that inquire.


  1. I went through a move recently myself. Threw off my blogging and anime watching completely for at least 3 months. I'm still not back up to speed on figure reviews too, but I'm getting there. Just need to finish my light box today, I kept forgetting to buy glue for it.

  2. Should be finished next week with clearing out my storage locker and saving $135/month. Only now my son's bedroom is the storage locker - LOL.


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