Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Weekend

I got wrapped up this weekend on a project, so do not have my normal Japan blog today.

I was working on getting some of my nature photography uploaded for possible entry in the NANPA 2010 Expressions magazine. I had 2 photos last year that made it just to the semi-finals. This year I am hoping to be able to get one of my six entries into the magazine. All photos were taken by me around South Florida - primarily in Coral Springs.

Here are the 6 entries that I submitted for your viewing please:


  1. Beautiful cocoon shot. And well, the peacock's tail.

  2. This is gorgeous. I envy the camera that you have to be able to produce beautiful shots such as this.

  3. @OneandonlyJem - it is a Canon XTi - it is a handful at times. I got my wife a Canon SX10 to play with and it is not too bad. If you try to zoom in too close, the shots do get a bit grainy.


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