Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Holiday in the US

Everyone in the US is at the beach, a picnic, a theme park or just grilling in the backyard. It is the last holiday before most go back to school, so everyone is making the best of it.

Well that's weird, most everyone is back in school now - what? I always remembered this as my last holiday before I had to head back. But now my son has been in school a couple weeks now.

As I want to make the best of it as well by the grill, I decided to leave you all with some Queen's Blade Cosplayers thanks to Sankaku Complex, Asagawoand Flexgraph. I have linked back to the original posts so you can view all the pictures - so click on over for even more "nice" pictures (especially Cattleya)!

Queen's Blade Group (link - link2 - link3)

Airi (link)

Cattleya (link)

Echidna (link)


  1. I find it hilarious how one of those cosplayers had to resort to padding XD

  2. Wait...are Cattleya's boobs real? If so wow.

  3. I linked a friend who hates everything QB to it, I knew he'd be shocked and amazed :)

  4. yep! cattleya's tits are 100% REAL

  5. YEP!,those R 100% REAL DEAL bub.

  6. haha much respect for cattleya


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