Friday, October 16, 2009

Anime Review: Fairy Tail

I will have to start this off by saying I am very prejudice about this Anime. I have only watched one episode and am liking it - A LOT!

I have been reading the Manga and was stoked that they turned this into an Anime. If you have seen Rave Master, you will notice that this was done by the same person - Hiro Mashima. You will even see a popular character from Rave Master make an appearance in Fairy Tails.

Can you name this Character that is in Rave Master and in Fairy Tails?
HINT: Watch the intro!

We have a world of magic and groups of wizards that are in Guilds. These Guilds can vary immensely by the type of magic and wizards that in compass each one. The Fairy Tail Guild is made of what I would have to call - um - unique individuals. Pretty much where ever the guild members go, destruction is sure to follow.

We are introduced in the first episode to 3 main characters:

Lucy Heartfilia - she uses Celestial Keys. These keys unlock other dimensions where these spirits live. Not always to the best of her ability however.

Happy - Blue talking cat that uses magic and can fly - for short periods

Natsu Dragneel (aka "Salamander") - can use ancient fire magic taught to him by a dragon named Igneel

The intro a bit wordy as they explain the Kingdom of Fiore and the use of magic. After this intro, the music gets hopping and you get to see the vast majority of the characters. I was a little take back by Lucy's appearance with the blond hair. I know she is blond, but something was a bit off to me - I can't explain it.

Needless to say the first episode has mostly to do with the introduction of some of the main characters. We get to see how Lucy stumbles into Natsu and Happy.  We see what type of wizards are running about. Especially what magic both Lucy and Natsu can control (or in some instances, not control). Lucy wants so much to be part of the Fairy Tail Guild that she ends up in more trouble than not and with the wrong Wizard to boot. SO here comes Natsu and Happy to the rescue and then the total demise of the "Fake" Wizard.

Like all first episodes, we get a lot of action and interaction between the characters. I am looking forward to seeing more soon.

BTW: It is still airing in Japan so the only places to catch it are on some sites that are dubbing it for us poor people outside Japan.

Overall Rating: B


Natsu and Happy


 WOW - can Natsu eat and eat and eat

Lucy and her Gate Celestial Aquarius

Natsu Eating Fire

Using his Dragon Magic (dragon not included)

Being on the wrong end of a punch


  1. Might give it a shot, always been a sucker for different schools of magic...

    Always vastly interested in magic in RPGs as well.

  2. I heard this show is really badly animated though, is that true?

  3. I think the animation is right in line with what I saw on Rave Master. The beginning intro a little hokey. Whey they do magic however, it is done very well.

  4. I heard that fairy tail was somewhat of a mediocre anime that was cheaply done. The good thing about it, it does not look like One Piece any more.

  5. I like what I've seen of the manga so far. Not as good as One Piece, but not a bad series to experience.

  6. One Piece is way more better. But I can say that Fairy Tail is not that trash. It also has meaningful lessons though. I like reading Manga too. I'm such a fan of :)

  7. horeee , sekarang fairy tail ada di indosiar :D
    anime nya bagus nih hehhe

    nice share

  8. I really like this manga ... very interesting to read ..
    written by hiro Mashima very global indeed: D



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