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Anime Review > Dragonaut: The Resonance

I saw this was released into a complete 1st series DVD set this month. It was from the ads that I get interested. I guess I am a sucker for anything with the word "dragon" in it. Now there will of course be spoilers as this goes on, so stop reading now if you have not watched the first episode 12.

Jin, Toa and Gio in the background

Plot: We begin 20 years before all this starts - an "asteroid" coming towards Earth ends up destroying Pluto. After that, the planet, now named Thanatos, just sits there. Due to this incident, the International Solar System Development Agency (ISDA) creates the D-Project. This is a group of individuals called Dragonauts that have been paired with a Dragon to protect the Earth from the "asteroid".

Jump to the semi-present where Jin Kamishina and his family are going to fly off for a trip. His Dad just happens to also be the pilot of the shuttle. As they nears the atmosphere, three "asteroids" blast through and one ends up hitting the shuttle destroying it. For some reason Jin mercilessly survives the blast and fall to Earth.

Move ahead a little more in time. After a chance encounter with a monster, Jin is saved by a young "girl" named Toa. As thus the love story, I mean adventure begins!

Comments: This is also being heavily billed as having the character designs done by Uno Makoto who did Witchblade - which is quite noticeable. Like I noted on earlier posts - "Dragons and Boobies". Two things that I love - besides a good story (well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad). Now I have to admit, this started off pretty well. I liked to lonely guy gets hooked up with a sexy girl story. How the Dragons came about and why they are needed. I like the fact that they look human, but then transform into dragons (a dream of mine). I want a friend like that - especially if a girl!

The Girls of Dragonaut
However, now it is getting kind of retarded. We have the normal love triangle, square, pentagram - whatever it is. The relationship between Jin, Toa and Gio is getting a bit wacky as well. You still have Jin's "best friend" who is still holding a grudge that he took his dragon Gio away from him. This even after he gets Widow (depressed goth girl) to be his dragon. Get over it and move on dude!

There are some interesting twists in some of this that lead to why some of the characters act the way they do. It seems all this revolves around the shuttle crash that intertwine everyone involved. Why do these stories also have to bounce back in time each episode to give viewers that "little incite" to some prehistory of the story?

We find out that Thanatos is actually a dragon the also happens to be Toa's Mom! There is also another dragon in the crew as well that will soon show his face (I think).


I still have a little over 1/2 the series to watch, but overall not that bad, but not good either. The animation and music is a great combo. The story, well, umm, needs some work. I will continue to watch it to see if Jin gets the girl dragon at the end. I want to see what their kids will look like - anyone remember Dragon Half?

Overall Rating: C

Photo Source: Fansub TV

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  1. I have been seeing that girl from a couple of render sites and this is the only time that I knew that she's from Dragonaut.

    From your review, it seems that it's a enjoyable anime to watch.

    I might try this one out later.
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