Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday Weekend

How many of you got up early for the great Black Friday sales this weekend? Well, I did and was amazed by the other number of crazy people up at that time of morning.

I did not get what I was looking for at first, but did get my son some Bakugan sets for Yule. I was looking for a 1TB external hard drive to move some of my movies over to. I ended up ordering it off line at Tiger Direct. I actually got a 1.5TB drive for $99.99 and 100 DVD-R disks for $9.99.

But the real fun came later in the day when I got to Tate's Comics. I pretty much brought a lot of snacks that I am shipping up north to my family. It is one of the things we will miss when I finally leave to be with them in the beginning of the year. I picked up Shonen Jump and Otaku at Barnes & Noble, but everything else was from Tates.

So what was your haul during Black Friday weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Ha nice haul!

    I'm strapped for cash at the moment so I just ordered myself Watchmen on Blue Ray. Not much but I got it for $7.99 on Amazon!


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