Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Late Gift - Queens Blade - 1/8 Risty PVC Figure

Since I have been looking at REALLY getting a new figure, I asked my wife if I could get something for X-Mas! I showed her what I was looking to get and it was on sale. It is also a more realistic figure that I have been looking to get into now.

I was able to convince my wife (because I said that it reminded me of her - no lie, it does) and she let me get it from Toys Logic (they call her "Listy"). Since this was over $50, they have a special that you will receive a free gift (see banner below). Even with shipping, this only cost me $85.

What sucks is that it is being delivered to our new apartment in Maryland. I will have to wait until I get up there to receive it - ARG!

Here are some shots of it from ToysLogic:

Has anyone already gotten her in there collection?

Do you think of the figure as more realistic that the anime?


  1. I am also waiting on my Listy order from TL I think I did a multi order so I have to wait for another item to come into stock before they ship >.<

    The figure is based on a piece of art by Jun Tsukasa which was designed more in a more realistic way. I would like to see a more Anime style Listy also, but I am not complaining about what we are getting! :D

  2. I ended up using their free shipping promo on clearance items and got the GE Tomoe.

    I'll have to see how she (Listy) looks when you receive her; I've been debating on buying her but I'd like to get more info on her before purchasing her as she's a tad more expensive than most of the QB figures.


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