Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WOW -broke 200th Blog

I over shot my 200th blog - so here is a belated HURRAH on making it to my 200th blog entry.

WOW - this is fun and taxing at the same time. Used to just have fun reading Manga and watching Anime. Now that I am reviewing them, I am actually paying more attention to the stories and stuff. I have no idea how Japan Cinema does it 5 times a week.

As a celebration, Yoko was kind enough to do a music video for me (well, not really, but a man can dream dammit).

Have you gotten to 200 blogs yet or have you already surpasses that by a mile?

What do you do to celebrate your milestones on the internet?


  1. congrats on 200th blog! thats amazing ^^ im not even half way there lol

    ahhh Yoko, what dreams are made of :P

  2. congrats! my anime related shit barely surpassed 200 so I have a long way to go to beat the crap out of Glo. XD

  3. Great stuff. Congratz.
    I recently touched the 300th post mark but I'm just too lazy to make a celebration post about it. lol

  4. @everyone - It has been a crazy time keeping on top of all this. Sometimes new information to me is old information for others.
    This a great group of people to interact with and has been fun.

  5. Nice! Congrats man!! That's quite a feat.

  6. You just had to put Yoko's music video... Must... control... Guh...
    *plays "S.T.A.R.S" on repeats*

    What to do... Its too good to ignore.

  7. congrats! You want to know my secret? I do my blog while I am at work lol I haven't worked one minute of my blog in my free time. Guess I'm lucky :P


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