Friday, February 19, 2010

Preorder: Queen's Blade Vante 1/8 PVC Figure

I am really hoping by the time this gets released to me, I actually have a paying job to afford it. I had to pick this up because I already have Yuit. It would be a shame to leave her by herself. I go this on preorder from HobbyFan for $90.74 (includes shipping). She is 21 cm or 8.3 inches high and is suppose to be released around May of this year.

Here are some shots of her that I was able to "borrow" so you can see the details.

I am not sure what is removable as yet, but am trying to find out. As this is QB, I am sure there are many that will be getting her to complete their figure collection.

Are you planning on adding this to your collection?

Toyslogic - $83.99
Play-Asia - $94.90
Toylet - $95.99


  1. Good decision :)
    Vante will also join my small Yuit.

  2. @Lylibellule - Yea, I figured she be lonely if I didn't

  3. Wow! This reminds me of Ironman, Gundam NT1 with full armour and Macross GBP - Great Battroid Pack! Nice especially when it's from Queen's Blade! Wonder how her enemy rip off her armour.

  4. Nice preorder. While I think some other QB figures are a bit better looking, I think she's not bad either, and I'm sure a lot of people will want her for the reason you stated.


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