Monday, March 29, 2010

New Blog Addition

I have decided to add my son as a fellow blogger to this site. He is only 8.5 years old, but sometimes he amazes me with what he has in his head.

I have been his mentor for some time now with school and other things. I can't say I have been the best as I try to push him (sometimes too hard) to be the best he can be. His grades were pretty bad when I was not here, but have improved immensely now. He still has been having a bit of issues with Reading Comprehension. We have been getting some extra work from school, but who wants more home work.

Since my issues with my Dad, it got me thinking more about my son. I need to change up my approach and get him more involved by doing stuff he likes. I asked him if he wanted to help me with my blog and he of course said "yes". He is a Gemini, so he may change his mind, but we will give it a whirl now. I plan on doing this on Saturdays and will be calling the blog "Kids Corner". I do not know too many collaborations like this, so it may prove to be a interesting change for both of us.

He loves to read Manga (Pokemon), watch Anime (he has a larger collection than me now) and toys (Bakugan, Dragon Quest). I will probably setup the questions for him, but all the answers will be his alone. This will probably also help with his spelling as a side benefit.

Get ready World for the next Gen of bloggers!


  1. I think that's a great idea. It's cool that you guys have something that you can have fun doing together.

  2. This is cool, I can't wait to see what your son has in store!!!!!!!!

  3. That is very creative. It is a win/win situation where your son will improve on his literacy skills while doing and enjoying the things that he loves (while enjoying quality time with his dad)

    Kudos to you for encouraging your son like this, I hope this turns out for the best XD

  4. I wonder sometimes that when I have kids if they will like anime.

  5. I'm sure your son will be of great help and hope to see his collection. Cool Otaku dad that encourage his junior cultivate writing skills.

  6. Sounds fun. I think he'll be one of the youngest ani-bloggers around.
    It'd be interesting to see his views. Very cool idea!

  7. @everyone ~ we thank you for the encouragement. I will have the list of questions for him and he will answer them in his own words [misspelling and all]!

  8. awesome idea, maybe my son can read your son's posts ^^


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