Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tron Legacy - Cool Upgrade!

Now I remember watching the original in the theaters and getting wigged out by the cool tech and special effects. Now to see that they are re-doing the movie and including some of the original cast is exciting. They have also kept with the original style of the suits and Mechas which I am happy about. These remakes are sometimes too quick to forget about the original movie and totally revamp everything.

Coming out December of this year and to be shown in IMAX 3D - Whoot!, but not rated yet??

You can check out Disney for more.

Nice Suits


Hot Babes

Movie Trailer

Is this on your Movie watch list?


  1. I have watched the original movie on tv before when I was a kid and could only remember the awesome neon motorcycle racing at the end. Won't rush to watch and would watch if review is good.

  2. I literally just watched this about 5 minutes ago. The original movie is guilty pleasure of mine so I'm excited to see this! Thanks for the pictures...

  3. I actually watched the movie from 1982 after completing the Tron plot on Kingdom of Hearts 2 (PS2).

    This movie is definitely going on my watch list.

  4. 'Hot babes'
    More Imax to hurt our heads, mm? I hope there's some semblance of good plot in this one, besides the spanking visuals. I'm giving movies a wide berth right now.

  5. I am not sure I will have the patience to wit until December.


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