Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Quickie Post: Black Rock Shooter

I don't have much time to post as we have been without Air Conditioning for the last couple of days. It royally sucks as it is freaking hot for a couple more days and then cools down again. I am sure the fucking apartment complex will have it fix in time for the cool weather. ARGH!

I was going to post in the cooler morning hours, but the cable was out which means I had no internet. WTF!!! That finally came back up and now I am posting this quickie!

My wife was going through the Borders magazines and found one called Giant Robot.I usually only check out Otaku USA, so I never saw this. This is an interesting mag about "Asian Culture and Beyond". I will be reading it and giving a review later on the magazine.

What she wanted to show me was that they had a Black Star Shooter figure for sale and thought I would be interested. Sometimes my wife can be soooo cool!

It seems that they are offering a Signed version of the 1/8 scale figure by Good Smile Company. I am hoping it is signed by the artist / designer, but I do not know as they do not actually say. I decided to go ahead and order one as it was $70 + shipping which seems to be cheaper than anywhere else. I will let you know when I get it in and who signed it. These are exclusive to Giant Robot only from what they say. I am hoping to have the figure itself signed, but am pretty sure it will be the box only :(

If interested in looking at her on their site, here is the link: Giant Robot Store

btw: only issue I have is that they will charge your card right away and not when it ships.


  1. as a female...I find her COMPLETE lack of boobs a little creepy. This figure really emphasizes that.

  2. interesting, I got this one on order but I'm not sure if I'll cancel at the last minute or not since I already have the rock cannon version. I wonder who it's signed by as well, I would hope it'd be huke himself but who knows.

  3. @ lovelyduckie ~ I found that a little odd too, but it is nice to have a figure that does not place HEAVILY on the chest :)

    @Persocom ~ I am hoping that Huke signed it as well.

  4. That is interesting. I wonder who signs it and where the signature is as well. I had huge internal debate between getting this one and the cannon version, but I opted for the cannon version in the end.

  5. Wait, signature on the PVC? Written words on my BRS' lovely skin? Do not want D:
    BRS is really a spectacle of design, mm. So much so they could push a sword version and a rock cannon version... Not that I know how well the sword version did as an alternate.

    I understand your pain, going without air conditioning back in Hong Kong was hell...


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