Thursday, April 01, 2010

Update for Live Action Ghost in the Shell

I have stumbled upon some interesting news about the new Live action movie for Ghost in the Shell. They have started to sign up some of the actors to play the lead parts in the movie. I was quite surprised by the list so far and wanted to share with you.

The most noticeable part is that Major Motoko Kusanagi may be played by Angelina Jolie. I was not really figuring her, but she can sure fill out the suit. If you remember her in that swimsuit in Tomb Raider, it was pretty hot. I wonder if they will keep with the 80's hair style as well from the Manga Series?

I was not surprised by their pick for Batou as it seems it may be David Boreanaz. He has been doing a great job in the series Bones and I think the personality is a good match. I think his facial distinctions are also well within the characters as well with just a touch of gray to help the hair.

I have also heard that they may be working with Industrial Light and Magic for the effects on the Tachikoma's. That should be wicked once the artwork designs are done in 3D.

Now for Chief Aramaki, they are possibly looking at Sir Ian McKellen. I think he would be a bit tall for the part, but definitely in the right age bracket. We all know that they usually change characters around a bit, so that would be natural. He also has that famous expression down pack that we have seen many times in the Manga and Anime.

Now I can't really been able to substantiate this, so don't quite me as yet. I am still doing more research to verify my non-sources on this.


Happy April Fools Day!


  1. Ha! Ha! You totally got me! Next time I will try read from the bottom. Ha! Ha! Happy AFD

  2. Aw you BEEP!!!!!!!!! I was so psyched!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! Just kidding, Happy April Fools Day Everyone!!!!!!!!!

  3. Darn, I only got 2 people yesterday ~ I was really hoping to get more ;)

  4. But it was good though, maybe you will have better luck next year!!!!!

  5. I read this 2 days late so u definitely got me. lol I wasn't even thinking about April Fools!

  6. You REALLY caught my eye with David Boreanaz, I love Bones. One of my favorite shows.

  7. @Seantaku ~ I am figuring I may catch some late arrivals :)

    @lovelyduckie ~ that was my wife's idea as she was watching Bones at the time I was working on this.


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